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Climate Change.


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Almost daily we read or hear about climate change and the calamities that await us if we do not do something about it.

I belong to the group of people, scientist journalist and others who think otherwise.

There was a recent picture on Social Media of ice melting in Antarctica followed by an article about the horror of sea levels rising and the flooding this would cause around the world.

However, ice in volume takes up more space than the water it froze from.

For instance, fill a glass with ice and then top it right up to the top with water…when the ice melts the contents in the glass will go down. Showing when frozen water melts it reduces in size.

Another example is a burst water pipe in very a cold winter. This is caused by the water in the pipe freezing and as it does it expands and the energy this creates breaks the pipe.
We live in a world where seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surfaces is water and a small amount of that, about ten percent, is in the cold regions where ice has formed, and it is a small portion of the area.

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As shown above, when ice melts it takes up less volume when it returns to its liquid state.

It seems to me that if all the ice melted in the North and South regions it would make little difference to the sea levels especially as water is less dense and evaporates when it is warm.


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