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The story of a very important General.

Two Men in Military Clothing With GunsIn a fortress which was persistently being attacked by a variety of different enemies, General I. M. Mune was on twenty-four-hour guard during which he was constantly being informed, by a higher authority about attacks on his citadel. Once more the alarms were being sounded and he was being warned of where the current assault was situated and the damage it could do.

The General gathered his forces of White Corporals who themselves were always on stand-by roving around the stronghold waiting for an instruction to prevent any insurgents from gaining access and causing harm or worse.

Although his army was strong enough to prevent any invader from gaining access to the bastion, however, through lack of training they were a motley crew with very little knowledge of how to keep some of the different types of attackers from gaining access to their homeland. Because they had no experience and did not know how to.

As in previous times, the instruction was flashed around the complex to bring the White Corporals to attention and to prepare to attend to the latest show of outer aggression, which was occurring on the outer walls.

Once more the General was disappointed. This time he thought his team would gain some real guidance in keeping the place safe. But just when he had his forces in position to repel the invader and to restore the damage to the outer skin, some strange forces outside the complex carried out ‘some work’ of repairing the damage and once more his men did not gain the necessary experience to fight off an incident.

In all walks of life, we need to have directions on how to carry out our task. Babies are taught how to walk and talk. Plumbers are instructed about water flow and drainage while electricians need to learn about electricity. Teachers have to be trained. Without knowledge being passed on from generation to generation, the human race would not in its present holding red stethoscope

It is the same within us…our own personal citadels with our army of White Corpuscles (Corporals) or leukocytes. We all have a General Immune who from a very young age needs training of how to fight off invaders to our wellbeing. But unfortunately, we tend to reach for a bottle to sooth the problem or clog up the A & E Department when in reality and in many cases there is no need.

This piece is written in total support of our Doctors and Nurses and the fine work they carry out on our behalf.

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