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Holding the Reins

We are all aware of the barons that control our lives through holding the reins on the conglomerates that sell us everything from Christmas chocolate tins, which every year stay the same price but shrink in size, to cornflake packets which stay the same size but the produce inside only comes half way up the container. While talking about products why do they have to have so many layers of plastic wrapping perhaps someone can design a simple cheap single wrapping for all items that protect it during its travelling to the end user?

We have a heavy use of ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ batteries and when I saw rechargeable ones at half their normal price, all eight beautifully wrapped on a card in a store I was happy to buy them. The months have gone by and there was a need to open the packet to insert one of them into a holder that is when I discovered why they were cheap as they are slightly oversize for a double ‘A’ battery, and don’t fit in the slot in some situations.

It seems now there is very little one can trust. Stores determined to squeeze every penny they can out of a transaction and if that upsets a customer then it does not matter as in most cases they have the monopoly so if you don’t go back they are not worried. Perhaps that statement is a bit strong but it appears to me customer services have declined to a new low level.

The Trust has Gone

Trust! What happened to it? It was not long ago, alright fifty years, when you could leave your front door open or the keys in the ignition of the car with the confident knowledge nothing would happen to either. People helped each other and there was always a warm welcome for a stranger. I think the decline first started when the Government, I’ll let you guess of what colour, decided its duty to the populace could be modified and not all people were equal under the law. It was the mid sixties and the requirement to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle became law and a firm rule with heavy fines for not wearing one. However after an outcry from turban wearing Sikhs the law was changed so it did not apply to them, it appears to have set a precedent as other religious requirements counter to common law have been allowed to exist.

In the late nineteen hundreds the worst single item in my mind for teaching children to cheat, lie and steal was when the famous Walkers Crisp Company constantly ran an advert on Television of a famous footballer sitting at a table and stealing crisps off a child when they were not looking. How or why that was allowed I do not understand, but I firmly believe it in itself was detrimental to teaching the young how to behave, as if stealing was a common act and a joke.

Percychatteybooks moves on with the Story Telling Series number 15 Richard Seals ‘Between the Clouds’ is now live on Amazon and very shortly on Kindle and no doubt his followers will be keen to read his stunning works. By the way Story Telling 15 crept in before 14 as it was ready to be published first


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