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The Family Dog

Books are for Christmas not Dogs

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Dogs the guardian of the home, the plaything with thechildren, the four legged friend who asks for little and accepts you for whoand what you are, a lifetime companion and protector who is aware of events inand around the dwelling for your peace of mind.

The joy a dog can bring into any home as they aretotally selfless in the love they give and the comfort they provide. They askfor very little although they can be demanding when it is feed time, on the otherhand a delight to watch as they go through their routine of asking.

Book 4 Christmas

Story Telling: Short Stories

At Percychatteybooks we are pleased to announce ‘Story Telling Fourteen’ will be alive on Amazon this coming week, along with all the other novels and books in our stable of words, a total of 25 to choose from.

They are easy to buy, make a grand present; they last a life time and come gift wrapped if you wish. There are thrillers and others with a host of short stories, pages and pages to keep the reader amused.

The following is a direct link to Amazon where you can make your choice and order what you fancy. Remember all the books in the Story Telling Series are totally different. … … … s

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