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Books 4 Christmas.

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The second anniversary of Story Telling is now behind us as it was in November 2016 when we started to put the first issue together, which was published shortly after. Looking through the booklet now it is still as good to read as it was then as we strive to make each issue interesting, different and individual from the previous ones. The picture below is the cover of the initial publication.

It was confirmed this morning that ‘Story Telling Fourteen’ is now available on Amazon and shortly it will arrive in Kindle.

The ‘Story Telling Series’ is looking good we havethree new books … two in the initial stages and one waiting for the final edit, which will bring the total number available in Percychatteybooks to twenty-eight, which will mean there is something for everyone. At the same time we have made a start on number sixteen with short story’s and the normal, but different format.

Percy’s books can be found on Amazon by clicking the link.

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