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Christmas is coming.

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 If you are looking for something for that friend or relation who normally gets forgotten, you do not have to do anything more than click on the link to Amazon and there are twenty five books to choose from in Percychatteybooks. You can solve the problem right there, your choice will be delivered gift wrapped if you so wish, and all at incredibly reasonable prices. Click on the following link:          

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One of the benefits ofgrowing old, that is, if one can call it a benefit, is that you see life in all its different segments especially when you become an octogenarian and you can remember very clearly streets without cars parked on each side or the formationof the National Health Service. Even bread rationing can come to mind or about being able to fill a car up…providing you could afford a car with petrol fora few pounds.  In the mean time life moves on and the world changes quicker than you can think about it and the feeling of being left behind grows.

Of course there is more to it than memories because with experience comes knowledge, but time itself blunts the need to learn new things and that is where the old and the new differ. And of course, the next generation are not interested in what went before. In our early years we were the same tearing up the old and replacing it with something which did not always work. Thalidomide comes to mind!

So we move on teaching the very young new tricks, whilst the ones in their later years try to come to terms with the new technologies,  at thesame time with strong feelings that it is not right.

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