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The New World

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I am Frequently puzzled by the New World  and I find myself questioning the way we taught the generation who followed. What brings it to mind is the sheer self-indulgence of today’s society when I read in the media that a bride is charging her guest fifty pounds to attend the ladies wedding, forgive me if I am wrong in this different order of things, I thought you invited people as an act of friendship.

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Following that report was another article where a woman who has invited her family to Christmas dinnerand is charging each one thirty pounds. There is no mention of what the menu consistsof but in a private house where unlike a restaurant where there are nooverheads, or staff to pay, that seems a bit pricey. But surely creating somemoney making scheme is not what inviting kin round for a celebration is about,it’s about love and affection at a time of year when it is more about giving thantaking.

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On a similar subject, although much different from charging loved oone’s fees for attending a family occasion,it is the rush and hurry when there is a crowd of people and politeness andgood manners is something that happened in the past. I may be ‘old fashioned’but I preferred it, and I think most people would agree with me when we respectedeach other without the need to push and shove, especially in the super marketswhen the way some people act it is as if the item on the shelf was the last tobe had.

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