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Present for Christmas

One of the long lasting and exciting presents to receive at Christmas is to turn the pages of a book which you have just received, it is something very personal and very different, as the recipient starts reading the first few pages there is the opportunity to disappear and explore events in another time. 

To give a novel is so easy just go into the following link, which will take you to the ‘thrilling world’ of Percy Chattey Books on Amazon where you can order your choice immediately. There are twenty-five in total including thrilling novels five of which have won awards in their genre, or there are fifteen Short Storybooks in the ‘Story Telling Series’ all different and outstanding value. Prompt delivery details will be given to you. While ordering, if it is for another person’s address, don’t forget to ask for it to be gift wrapped.

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We are back to this nonsense of soldiers who wereunder orders to fight terrorists some fifty odd years ago being pursued forsome form of wrong, which must have been investigated at the time with noresult. What makes me feel uncomfortable is looking at events half a centuryago and comparing the actions of then with today’s thinking, as one hackrecently put it ‘when are they going to investigate Michael Caine for theevents he was involved in when attacking the Zulus during the fight atMafeking.

If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny, something from a sketch by a group of comedians. Whilst I agree any misdeed should be investigated, but not using new thinking to create a wrong from decades ago when it wasn’t illegal or sinful. We must not forget the millions of pounds spent a few years ago trying to discover whether the ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, was something he wasn’t and who had been ‘dead’ for some time during thestart of and the ongoing investigation.

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