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Author of Thrillers: Genre: Murder, Mystery & Crime

Story Telling


Unique & Very Different

 Aseries of booklets published bi-monthly containing short stories, fictionalones and true ones. Others are technical, whilst a number are of significance describinginteresting events.

 All will keep the reader fascinated especially the funny ones.

Each issue is 120 pages long and about twenty four thousand words all totallydifferent from its predecessor. Also included are chapters or examples of workfrom novels by published authors.

The publisher strives for divergence and diversity and as the leader says in each issue they are intended to put ‘A different slant on life,’ whilst keeping away from being too controversial and avoiding anything that is too contentious 

Each in the series is completely different and also includes works from the ‘HondonWriters Circle.’ The emphasis is on entertaining the reader and small enough at eight by five inches to put in your pocket for those long journeys.

As they are light hearted and informative they would also make an ideal present, for Christmas or Birthdays.  All of the Story Telling series are available from Amazon and other outlets

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