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Where’s the Leader

The party,without any discipline, I use a small ‘c’ for their name is hardly a noun, conservativewe are talking here as they all want to be boss and the boss seems more interestedin travelling around Europe and talking to anyone who will listen, and they alldo, with a beaming smile, but not agreeing, so they win as it appears our leaderblinks first.

In this timeof total news coverage of twenty four hours a day, without a doubt some of thestories will be less than truthful, but on the whole morals do not seem toexist as the game is to cling onto power at any cost.

Democracy is taking a back seat as the people with any power wander around using what appears to be sticking plaster to cover the cracks in their ramblings, and why have a vote if you know you are going to lose surely that is enough to dismiss the person who came to that decision.

When isthis group of what appears to be a rabble going to pull themselves together andremember the democratic system which the country was so proud to behold?

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