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A New World

So now the young people of the Remain Campaign,boosted by ex leaders who in the past were voted out of power because of theirviews and policies, are shouting for a further referendum. They do notunderstand the word or its meaning of ‘democracy’   as their education has been limited on thewonders of a European State, lorded over by unelected people who are in placebecause of the gerrymandering policies of the E.U.

For a certainty they do not understandhistory and the collapse of countries dominated by a Communist Elite, a system,which the European Union is sliding into, it is a structure that is bound forfailure, as what occurred in other Marxist countries around the World.

What happened on Thursday 23rdJune 2016, when the people of the U.K. voted for Brexit, sooner or later thesame will happen in the rest of the Continent as the determination of thepeople will eventually overrule a dictatorship.  Germany has always been the driving force ofruling Europe since the mid eighteen hundreds, culminating in Two World Warswhere millions lost their lives for the sake of freedom; and now as Deutschlandlost on two occasions in those conflicts are, in my opinion, trying a differentroute and taking control by destroying economies. 

Our current strong leader in her thoughts, whoflits from one place to another lecturing on the wonders of her thoughts andcertainly does not appear to remember the quotation by Baron Acton (1834 –1902) ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ as she squandersthe nations credibility touring Europe with her hand held out with the beggingbowl, does not understand she has lost the plot and feels she is the onlyperson who is right, when she should know that is not the case as she cancelleda vote on her proposals, because she knew she would  lose.

 Itruly hope that vote will now take place and the fear of being dominated by oneSuper State will  decline and  Britain will once more teach its children thewonders and glories of its past and the truth of why World War ll happened, andwill once more become a strong democratic system for the ordinary man in thestreet. But above all being honest and fare to all people as it has done in thepast, when it taught the World ‘Democracy’.

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