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So once again another get together by delegates from some of the countries of the World to discuss Climate Change, this time in Poland, and although after days of talking, that in itself is a lot of hot air, no decision was made. Well there was almost a decision, no direction though, just everyone agrees to keep each other informed of what action they are taking. The USA ignored the proceedings and stayed away.

I have said it before calling it ‘climate change’ could mean the weather transforming to being more hot or on the other hand cold.  In this instance they were concerned about the temperature rising and yet at the same time there was another report in the papers that 1922 was the hottest year there has ever been, and we must not forget that NASA resonantly reported on a New Ice Berg the size of Manhattan.

Next year will be eighty years since the declaration of War with Germany after the British Government had warned Hitler to stop his troops from marching through the rest of Europe and to stay away from Poland otherwise the questionable peace would come to an end and we would be at war. By the time the warning had been given it was a little late as he already had his ‘jackboots’ echoing around most of the other countries on the continent.

It was the following year when he took his spite out on the U.K. by releasing the Blitzkrieg by bombing the major cities in the country, mainly at night and where in nine months he managed to destroy one house in three in the capital city of London alone.

In my book ‘Blitz and Pieces,’ a true story which won best autobiography at the ‘Pinnacle Awards,’  I describe what it was like for a six old living through this horrific period in East London, when bombs were raining down nightly and the steel shelter where we were trying to sleep, continuingly being rocked and vibrating from the explosions. It is available through Amazon by following the link

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