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The Christmas Drone

My guess is that most people who have listened to the horror, which represents Gatwick Airport for the last few days, would ask how could it have happened? This drone, this toy, similar ones will be under many a Christmas Tree this Xmas, can be used against and defeat the modern technology that protects the countries Aerodromes.

We now know for certain there is a facility to bring the incursion of this plaything to a stop and yet it took almost three days to use it.  Are we to believe there is no one in authority who can order the use of the ‘drone killer.’ In the mean time the termini is full of folks while some deranged idiot makes a play thing of them. Today it is a drone, perhaps tomorrow it will be carrying some high explosive and this is just the dummy run for the real event. Why wasn’t it treated as a terrorist attack from the start and measure put in place to protect those travelling. It would have been a great idea in the first instance to have stopped talking about doing something, and done it.

It seems to me the UK is not coping in many ways and when we are told the homeless and individuals living on the streets has multiplied by a very high percentage and little being done for them. The Minister in charge, who is supposed to be controlling and managing this continuing rise of vulnerable persons, arrives in the media studios to spout in some political language, what they are doing which is passing the problem down the line.

Of course in some ways they are correct. With a situation where there are only two main parties in control of the country, and has been for some time, the party in power see’s its policies being watered down by the opposition, who control a portion of town and city councils, and are not too keen in making a strategy work which would be of benefit to the opposing party, and deliberately drag their feet implementing any proposals. Having myself spent some time in politics I know this to be true.

In the mean time we have more and more citizens unable to cope and living in squalor whilst at the other end we have wealthy persons building underground swimming pools in houses worth millions of pounds. I am not proposing anything, just saying ‘it does not seem right!’

Hopefully after the 29th March someone will get a grip on the country to protect the people from not only the danger at the airports, but also to buy up rows of empty properties, there are many in the High Streets, and make them into somewhere for those out of their luck, where they can be at least warm and in some comfort.

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