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It was in nineteen forty that Hitler amassed invasion barges along the French coast preparing to invade Great Britain, perhaps he could have saved himself a lot of time and used rubber dinghies instead.

Seriously the meaning of the word immigrant: A person who moves to another place to start a new life. We as a married couple did exactly that when we legally moved to Spain, but first we had to prove we could support ourselves before we were allowed to become residents and that meant agreeing to the Spanish way of life and their laws.

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Now that the two authorities in charge of the ‘Channel Tunnel,’ the underwater crossing of the strip of sea between France and the Kent coast, this escape route has been closed or suitably prevented migrants from gaining access to it, so called immigrants are using small unstable boats to try and cross the twenty or so miles of the shipping lanes. Good luck to them that is a very hazardous journey.

What I do not understand having tried to stop them originally, when they have almost made it they are rescued and welcomed with open arms and passed to the Social Services. If they are illegal, and they must be otherwise why try to stop them in the first instance, then why are they not arrested and returned from whence they came?

The other thing I find disturbing is we are told these people who are trying to reach the shores of Britain, pay smugglers large sums of money, one quote was for €15,000 per person. If it is worth that amount to risk the discomfort, the cold and the dangers of the crossing how much is the reward when they arrive? Perhaps the welfare payment to new comers is far too much!!

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