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Droning On.

We are told the Home Secretary has had a bad couple of weeks, which did not stop him from going on safari for the Christmas Break, although he has now hurried back to try and sort out the problem of the invasion of small boats crossing the English Channel.

In the mean time we learn that the spectacle of the events at Gatwick Airport a few days ago was a mistake when ninety two trusted informers of the police reported drones over the runways, which in all possibilities turn out to be warning lights on high builder’s cranes swaying in the wind, as seen from seven miles away. 

 In a situation which Rowan Atkinson would have been proud to have written in one of his humorous sketches, it is alleged the Police send up a drone to look for the supposed illegal ones. Now there are real flying objects crisscrossing the airport and no one got to grips with the situation and realised the ones that were now flying were friendly ones and not there to disrupt the flight time tables.

The Police it is reported having refused help from the armed forces chase around looking for persons launching these flying objects and resort to the knowledge of known people who like the pastime of flying toy aeroplanes and manage to arrest a couple, who had nothing to do with it. On further investigation, so we are told, no evidence could be found of drones being launched from anywhere around the airport.

While this is happening hundreds of thousands of passengers look at departure boards and the disappointing word ‘cancelled’ for 750 flights and fretting if they will get to their Christmas destination, and out of frustration and lack of sleep curl up on the cold floor, while they wait for the problem to be sorted.

While writing a fictional story, if I had thought of something similar, it is a situation I would have discarded as being unbelievable. Story telling has to have a level of excitement and drama, but to close a main terminus down for 36 hours does not seem possible in a fictional tale not in the circumstances as portrayed, and my guess is the reader would put the book down at that point.

It goes to show life is stranger than fiction.  

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