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One of the most useful items when crossing open water, like the strip between France and England is a radar system, it keeps one informed of what is happening around you and picks up small objects in the distance, it is not as if it is new it was invented back in the thirties and forties.

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I have loved mucking about in boats and have crossed the English Channel including going up as far as the Belgian coast. On a clear night it is possible to see the lights and the outline of the continental shore line with the different lighthouses flashing their warning signals. The one thing that used to surprise me all those years ago, was on our return we were never stopped from entering the country, it was all very much a Gentlemen thing as one was supposed to report to the harbour master. It seems nothing has changed, however in those days mass immigration was not a problem not like it is in today’s situation.

As I remember the Coast Guard were responsible for monitoring the shore line of the British Isle, and although I just said we came and went as we pleased it was not without being monitored by them.  By its name, instantly you can understand what its function is ‘Guarding the Coast.’

The Border Force which was formed in 2012, I am not certain what it means: Force to force people away or the force them in? It is also strange when we find that two out of three ships are not anywhere near the coast of the U.K. but in the Mediterranean. So what force are they forcing?

As the people in the U.K. sleep in their beds at night feeling comfortable with the countries armed forces to protect them, it must be a bit disturbing to find that before they can be deployed to stop an invasion of small boats across the Channel, two MOD department first, as just recently happened, have to argue it out what department is going to pay for it.

In the mean time with all the modern equipment that the Army, Navy and Air Force  have at the their disposal they find it difficult to see or stop rubber dinghies arriving at  the Kent or any other coast, which we are told is illegal but in the eyes of those protecting Britain it is allowed to happen.

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