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It was just over thirty years ago in July 1988, when we went to America for the first time, Miami to be precise. We had an air conditioned apartment on the beach with the Atlantic Ocean tumbling over the golden sands. The total cost of the two weeks, including car hire and the air fare by ‘Virgin Atlantic’, which was just coming into being at that time, was one hundred and eighty pounds for the two of us. What a wonderful low cost holiday, I wonder what the price would be today.

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There were numerous memorable things about that vacation, driving down the chain of islands called the Keys, seeing where Hemingway lived and eating Lime Cake, also the sign saying we were ninety miles from Cuba. How can one forget the sight of alligators swimming around in the Everglades, but first taking notice of the recommendation on the information panel and spraying ourselves with a mosquito bite formula. While we were there at a recreation stop some giant blackbirds were trying to steal the steaks off the portable barbeque we had brought with us, despite the heat. The wonders of the Kennedy Space Centre, the title of which had been changed back to its original name of Cape Canaveral, stunning views and information the likes of which we had not comprehended before.   

In those two weeks I think the thing that struck us the most was the politeness of the people, and their helpful attitude which made us feel comfortable and at home despite being mistaken for Canadians. Amongst all this beauty and wonderment another event stands out in our minds and that is the News reports on the large television in our apartment. It was positive. When reporting good news there were no ‘if’s or but’s’ only an optimistic view point, at the time it was very refreshing as at home the news was totally different in its negative outlook, anything on the upbeat in the broadcasting of a story there was always something which indicates it could all go the wrong way.

That has not really changed, on a daily basis we are bombarded with negative information, a PC world which does not allow comedy which laughs at ourselves or the differences in human behaviour. Our TV programmes on the whole are continuous and a mixture of nature studies, cooking events, and endless football. Who ever came up with the name of ‘Pointless’ for that television series got it exactly right.

I seriously think the youth of today would be better informed if the politicians acted like grown men and told the truth and did what they said they would do. Also if television was more light hearted. If the ‘forces of order’ controlling the streets brought back a period when it was safe to go out. It is sad to see how Britain is wallowing in its own discord, with different power struggles trying to take control with whatever the end being the prize, and no matter what takes place to get there.

It is a great feeling to be able to announce ‘Story Telling Sixteen’ is now live on Amazon and Kindle, in a few days time. Like the previous issues, it is full of short stories, funny ones and those of interest. We have also published recently Richard Seal’s third new book in the ‘Story Telling Series’ at number twenty, ‘Journey not Taken’ a whimsical look through life as only Richard can describe in his exacting way of using words.

In Percychatteybooks there are now twenty-eight books in our Amazon Stable, a mixture of novels and short stories, something for everyone and a great present for a loved one sent straight from the seller and gift wrapped if you wish. For the link to Amazon click here.

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