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Seventy Metres

Amongst all the news about Brexit this morning, that is if one can call it news? It is more like the ‘if’s and buts’ of a repeated ongoing boring debate and as I understand it by the time you read this it will be all over, well that is, if the voting is to accept the present proposal is agreed. If it is turned down then we will be in another period of ‘if’s and buts’.

Back to what was on the BBC news this morning. There was, as they have been broadcasting in the past few days, pictures of the events in Europe of the unprecedented snow falls. They were showing avalanches of the white stuff blocking roads, and in one case crashing through the glass structure of a hotels dining room. Also there were pictures of people skiing down the slopes at the same time others were shovelling the snow from their roofs as it was deemed to be too heavy, all with the emphasis on it being unusual.  I am certain someone in charge of programming had their  tongue in cheek when immediately following this horror they included a piece of the ice melting around the ice caps and the normal warning of the sea levels rising and flooding coastal towns around the world. However the reporter mixed up his figures when he said it would rise by as much as seventy metres I think he meant centimetres.

News today is a monster in the amount of information it requires to keep broadcasting twenty-four hours a day, and scoops up many of the non-stories to fill the time. For instance, the referral to a previous occasion when something unusual happens and they manage to quote the last time when something similar occurred even if it was only two years ago. So we are bombarded with all the happenings around the world delivered to us in a tone which is adverse and in some cases as if the end of the world is near.

It was not that long ago when the news was restricted to a few minutes per day. Newspapers, at best the contents were nearly a day old, and they all stuck to the point without referring to comment, which meant the populace got on with their lives without worrying about a tragedy, in some out back, the other side of the world.  I wonder how Brexit would have been reported in those days?

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