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In the wonders of the Hondon Valley here in Spain, the sun has been shining and at this time of year, January, it will encourage the Almond blossom to commence to show in the orchards and the basin will be covered in various shades of pink, giving the wonderful feeling of spring being on the way.

The trees in a few weeks will start to bear the fruits of the almond nutwhich because of the extra weight it will force the branches to start to hang lower. I know nothing of how old the trees are although they were well established nineteen years ago.

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During the period we have observed them, they are in the adjoining field. On occasion with its branches sparse of leaves one will fail to follow the pattern and look odd with no flowers during this part of the season. A blank dark spot in a row of colourful pink foliage. When this happens the farmer cuts the tree down and promptly puts another in its place.

Of course that is the way of the world nothing is permanent, everything you see around you has a useful life before moving on for others to progress the energy in another direction. The school teacher and the pupils themselves will relocate on to be replaced by others.

The Chief Executive of the big corporate conglomerate retires at some time, as is the same as the folks on the shop floor. We have certainly seen the change in the High Streets as the various shops come to an end of their useful life of serving the people.

Parliament itself is constantly changing in a regular pattern of every five years … ahh there is a difference here, there is one who’s  words have failed to fruit as they have been voted down many times  and are dead … I do not understand that like the farmer they have not been cut down and replaced by another.

Here at Story Telling we have number seventeen in progress there is a lot to do to it as yet but it should be out in about four weeks time. There are further copies in the pipeline more about that later, however all will join the other thirty in Percychatteybooks Stable on Amazon go into it by following the link  …

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