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Reading through the headlines in the newspapers can be amusing especially when ‘commas’ and ‘full stops’ are not used in the text, for instance ‘Armed Police shoot man holding firearm in his twenties’ I cannot help wondering where his twenties are. However, the one that really got me chuckling is a man suing his parents because they allowed him to be born without his permission; I suppose some poor out of work lawyer will take the case on, that is if there is such a thing.

There is a tool used by experts in the business of negotiating some form of deal or agreement, and that is ‘Silence.’ Car salesmen use it all the time at a critical stage of the sales process they know when it is time to stay quiet and say nothing; it is a case of who blinks first. The client finds the silence and no response a little embarrassing and the odds are they will agree with what is being offered.

In politics it is slightly different when you are trying to persuade people to vote for you, then it is necessary to carry out the time established system of walking the streets and making ones thoughts known on the doorstep. A cold depressing business when the weather is not being kind and your feet ache, you need a cup of tea and the last thing you want is to be polite to people who question your beliefs and politics … I digress.

Whilst, what I describe above is the accepted method for being elected to the political extravaganza, once there the attitude has to change especially for the people in high office.  Westminster, the mother of all parliaments, steeped in eight hundred years of history which somehow in the last forty odd years appears to have lost its way and become a talking shop with no real authority.

My view, and perhaps that of many, when in two thousand and sixteen the people in the land were offered a vote after being promised by Government to make a decision of being in or out of the EU, the result of which they would implement. After the ballot that is exactly what should have happened. The doors closed and the start of making the changes as agreed prior to the referendum. If anybody did not like it then they should be knocking on the door of the British to try and convince them to change their mind. Silence should have been the answer, not the other way around with our leaders running around Europe with an empty cup in hand, and trying to sell it.

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