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The Prime Minister is once more on one of her regular trips to Brussels, I cannot help but wonder what the U.K. Government is up to with the Brexit negotiations.  After two and three quarter years I would have thought there wasn’t anything new to talk about. Surely by now the discussions are going around in circles. For without doubt it must be very confusing to remember what has been said and what has been agreed over that period of time. My thoughts are the die has been cast for what is going to happen on the 29th March, and I have a feeling very few people are going to agree with it.

Overseas Aid, what a puzzle that is. On a regular basis we are shown on our televisions pictures of children in the wilds of Africa living in mud huts and dirty surroundings with a pleading voice asking the viewer to donate, through your phone, or by other means a sum of money on a regular basis. Now I am not suggesting that these children should not have some form of support.  But as these adverts have been shown in one form or another over the last twenty or thirty years, and maybe longer, and considering how much aid is sent by the British Treasury coupled with these sums of money raised by these advertisements I would have thought the problem must have been solved years ago. Alright I know it is a vast place but so is the money that has been raised.

Climate change reared its questionable head once more just recently when school children were taught the wonders of going on strike which history shows destroys many things and it gains very little. The reason for this odd teaching was ‘climate change’ a meaningless phrase as the climate changes continually and has been for billions of years. And yet the words have been used in a frightening manner because of the fear of average temperatures increasing by a few degrees and coastal towns disappearing because of rising sea levels and the world starving for the reason that  crops are dying in the heat. In the meantime NASA reports on a new iceberg in the Artic and another report about a remote controlled surveying submarine below the water level and getting stuck in the ice. Only a few months ago the United States came to a stop because of what was called a ‘snow bomb’ burying everything in its icy mass. And we must not forget the weather man saying recently it has been the hottest February day since records began in 1850. So it was hot then!

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