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NO! “What part of no don’t you understand?”  A frequently asked question by one of my daughters to her children when they continued to ask for something she was denying. Perhaps the same question should be asked of the Prime Minister who has suffered defeat more than four times in votes at the House of Commons for her version of leaving the EU.

It seems to me the establishment is tearing up the rule books and the established ways for going forward in their determination to have some sort of approach to a question they themselves no not know what it is or what they want from the answer.

I think we all can remember in the past if a Minister in Government lost a vote then they resigned on the spot. Somehow all that, which went before no longer counts, and a new way is being installed which destroys hundreds of years of history and learning.

Of course, in some ways Teresa May is right in that history teaches us that sometimes it takes one very strong individual opposing those advising them to change the course of the country. I refer to Winston Churchill who in the early days of the Second World War was the only voice in Parliament against having an agreement with Hitler and allowing him to continue with his determination to conquer the World.

More recently there was Margaret Thatcher the Iron Lady who almost single handed changed the finances of the country, there will be some who will disagree with me, but the fact is in the period she was in office that is what she achieved. However, the difference with the current constituent in number ten, whilst I am sure she has a sincere belief in what she is trying to achieve is right, others including the result of a democratic vote say she is wrong. 

One thing is certain out of the chaos being performed in Westminster it will make fascinating reading some time in the future when there will be Authors writing about the history of trying, or maybe leaving, the EU and no doubt comparing the outcome with Douglas Hume the Prime Minister who against all advice invaded Egypt in the mid nineteen fifties leaving the United Kingdom in a predicament. And of course, it is alleged that Tony Blair did the same thing with Iraq.

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