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We have been busy at Story Telling and it has been a good couple of weeks in which we have published Richard Seal´s fifth book ‘Vanishing Point.’ Today we have submitted ‘Story Telling Nineteen’ which will be live on Amazon very shortly. 

ST 19 once again follows the successful format of an assortment of short stories and interesting articles with a mixture of stimulating and thought-provoking poems. 

As in previous issues we have included the remarkable writings and storytelling from members of the ‘Hondon Writers Circle’ fiction and true ones. Also in this issue Sarah Dawkin’s RN, BSc (Hons) MSc AMC interesting article on being positive … Sarah is a great believer and practitioner in self-healing and the body’s immune systems, we will be hearing more from her in later issues.

Did you ever wonder what happened to Houdini or the story of Nessie in Loch Ness, Richard with his magnificent use of words tells us the history of them in this copy.

If our reader has a story to tell we would be interested to hear from you at or alternately call Percy on 603 472476, as an alternative join us at the Writers Circle at the next meeting on Friday 17th May 11.00 am at the Tipsy Terrace in Hondon de los Frailes … you will be most welcome.

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