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The Bubble

I think it is now a matter of common knowledge that the people in Westminster, who are supposed to be representing the country and who also employ them, apparently by the way they act and according to reports they think of nothing but themselves.

We have seen since the 2016 referendum a kindergarten attitude in the ‘mother of all Parliaments’ as the members allegedly squabble, whilst raising salaries, which of course that includes pensions, and it is suspected of ripping up any pretence of playing fair with expenses.

What I do not think can be more shameful is, when the United Kingdom was looking for strong leadership, those in power could only think of their own positions whilst hovering to get in the queue to be considered as the new leader of the Westminster bubble. Obviously, nobody could understand the meaning of team work.

The current leader has been wrapped up in her own thoughts whilst spending the last three years seemingly being the only one out of step over the Brexit issue. One suspects when it was painfully obvious she should have stood down months ago as required by other members, it is apparent the lady decided to hang on and play a part in honouring the fallen on ‘D’ day and taking part in the greatest floor show since the allied invasion of the Continent seventy five years ago, and  then planned to step down the following day. (I should add it was a broadcast that went World Wide over a period of three days).

In the meantime, as she travelled back and forth being everywhere but nowhere of importance, and as leader of one of the strongest parties, watched it decline because of the policies promised at referendum and election mandates made by the said party, were not maintained or carried forward, and similar promises including, it is reported 100 plus statements that the U.K. was leaving the EU on the 29th March, were delivered as confetti at a wedding. 

My only hope is that the members now sitting come to terms with the mistakes over the last period and get an act together that is believable, so the country can put this period behind it and move forward.

At this moment at Story Telling we move on with three new booklets being prepared all of them nearing completion. Number 21 is a history of World War Two … yes we know it has been done many, many times, but this, like the Story Telling

Series is unique and different as it is true stories of the Home Front of people now in their eighties and their memories of the bombs dropping around them, the damage and the shortages, a striking read of true and interesting facts. There is also the daily diary of William Riddiford an ‘ARW’ person written at the time explaining the bombs falling and the results as parts of houses being destroyed land in his garden where he was on duty in Dagenham.

The other two one is the sixth book from Richard Seal and his whimsical entertaining short stories and poems whilst the third is where we revert to our standard of interesting and amusing writings.

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