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Author of Thrillers: Genre: Murder, Mystery & Crime

A Chat with Chattey!

Author of Thriller BooksPercy answers a few questions for his readers…
Q1. What first inspired you to write your recent novel “Politically Incorrect”?
Percy:Politically Incorrect was six years in the writing most of it done by hand. That was in the late seventies and it was inspired by a Government that after a General Election had only a 3 seat majority in Parliament. I got to thinking what would happen if those three MPs had an accident. At that time I was really thinking of the foolishness of trying to govern with no real mandate and the country in jitters wondering how long it could last.» The press release for “Politically Incorrect”,
a new thriller book by Percy Chattey. (Adobe™ PDF Format)

Q2. When did you first start writing and why?
Percy: I was dyslexic at school but in those days it was not recognised and teachers made you try harder, but I was always fascinated with words. When I was very involved in The National Radio Car & Private Hire Association the committee wanted to publish a magazine. As nobody else would do it I decided to give it a try and wrote the first page. After that I have found it easy to write articles and novels.

Q3. What advice would you give to writers and authors starting out now?
Percy: If you have a flair for it and have self discipline and are prepared to set aside a time each day to create your work then go for it, you should also be prepared for the disappointment when nobody is interested in your work.

Q4. How did you develop your writing style?
Percy: My only English lessons were at school and I left when I was fifteen, I am very much self taught and my sub conscious mirrors some of the famous authors of the mid 20th century.

Q5. Which writers or people inspire you to write?
Percy: Harold Robbins, Jeffery Archer, Martina Cole and Len Deighton. These and others wrote books which told a real story with a twist at the end to keep the reader interested, sex only came into it when it meant something to the story line.

Q6. What’s the best thing about being an author of a finished novel?
Percy: The sheer joy of holding your own book, especially if it has taken a great deal of time to put together. Also the pleasure of hearing people say they had a good read, or are surprised by the end.

Q7. What’s are the worst aspects about writing a book?
Percy: Back ache!

Q8. How is our writing day structured?
Percy: Shortly after getting up and following breakfast, then the next three hours at the key board. If I get a mental block and not certain where to go with the story then I tend to do other things, my view is it is pointless looking at a machine which is not going to tell me anything. Jean and I will discuss it over a glass of wine in the evening, one problem about the story I am writing has taken about three months to work out how the plot should move on, but we got there in the end.

Q9. How do you think your writing skills improve over time?
Percy: The improvement comes from practice and a better understanding of life and how people react and of course an improvement in my English.

Q10. Please tell us about your next novel?
Percy: My next novel “The Black Venus” is really three stories in one. A very strong love story runs through the wording, it is also a follow on from “Politically Incorrect” in that the two assassins as featured in that novel also appear. All normal people are horrified at the result of terrorism I have tried to bring that horror out in Black Venus the ruthlessness of terrorists, how they destroy communities and the result, whilst these things happen in reality the story is totally fictional.

Q11. What is your TOP THREE favourite books?
1. The First Among Equals by Jeffery Archer
2. The Carpet Baggers by Harold Robins
3. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

Q12. What novel or story was your favourite as a kid?
Percy: I am not certain but Wind in the Willows comes to mind there were certainly others and of course the comic books at the time.

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