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Short Stories Required

Authors: We need your short storyWe are searching for short stories.

‘Percy Chattey Books Publishing’ is looking for short stories to be published in book form. We are interested in short writings of about 500 to 1000 words they can be humorous, serious, fact, fiction or verse.

We will publish your work* in book form possibly by next spring acknowledging the person who wrote it. We cannot enter into discussion on any work and we reserve the right to alter and edit submissions.

CONTACT US NOW: In the first instance please email a copy of your short story to percybooks @ or by real mail to Percy Chattey, Apartado de Correos 89, Aspe, 03680, Alicante. You should include name, address, and telephone number and your email address.

Thank you.

*IMPORTANT: The work must be personal to yourself, original and certainly not copied, adapted from elsewhere or copyrighted to another. And they cannot to be detrimental to persons or organisations either directly or by implication.

The Digital Age & Smashwords


I do not know how others feel but my lovely wife Jean, and I are traditional type of people, we like mature items tested by time.

For instance one of these new modern fitted kitchens with shiny surfaces with clashing colours everywhere would make me feel ill to work in. I much prefer the old oak kitchen doors they look more natural. Or to see a traditional train chugging along a railway line blowing smoke and steam is exciting, one does not get the same thrill watching a large ugly diesel engine pulling carriages.

The cars of long ago, the E type Jaguar or the Triumph and MG sports cars looked like cars, all independently designed and built with care. Nothing like the present day versions, which are more like space craft with no thought to how they individually look as they are all similar, with no character.

Books, when you first receive one and admire the work that has gone in to it, to create it, and you are privileged to open the cover for the first time with that beautiful musty smell, the feel of the crisp paper of the pages as one glances through it – no, no never the last page.

All that is to announce we are slowly coming into the real world, well at least ‘Percy Chattey Books Publishing’ is, as it is going digital. All my work, that is eight novels is being downloaded on to ‘Smashwords’ and when that is complete we will then add all of them to ‘E Books.’

There will be no compromise with the story lines and Percy Chattey Books will still be available through Amazon, if you prefer to have a real book. As it is a lot of translating to be done, nearly a million words and of course the stunning covers, it will take some time and we are aiming for the third week in November for the transition to be complete. Happy and enjoyable reading.

Strangers came and took us away!

The London Blitz. Image by Getty

The London Blitz. Image by Getty

How nice that the Barking and Dagenham Post have done a piece on my wartime memoirs “Blitz and Pieces”. I went to school in this area and I recall the Blitz experience in my book. So my connections are real and I appreciate them taking on this story. Of course I am retired in Spain now”. My book will be out in hardback as of tomorrow 30th April 2015, please see my website: for more details.

> B&D POST Link >

Here’s a snippet of the article Thank you B&D Post: 
One night in 1939 Percy Chattey was woken and told to get dressed. The three-year-old walked a mile through the winter rain to Whalebone Lane School. Half asleep, scared and confused Percy wondered, were the Germans coming?

It was pitch black – as street lights gave Dagenham’s co ordinations away to potential bombers. After being ushered into cars, trains and a boat he arrived in a small coastal village where he would be evacuated, just as a hazy morning light began to break through the clouds. “I don’t remember much of this journey,” admitted Percy, now 79.

I was too distressed and tired to take in what was going on. “We were told to line up. Total strangers came along the line picking children and taking them away. Can you imagine that happening today?”

Percy grew up in Dagenham and moved to Spain 15 years ago. He said living through “horror and destruction” makes a person flippant, which is why, in his 70s, he chose to write his début memoir “Blitz and Pieces” for his grandchildren to read. Now it’s his autobiography and mainly about his early years in Chadwell Heath during the Second World War.

After returning from evacuation Percy was five-years-old and living on East Street when the blitzing started. “We spent all our nights in the Anderson shelter wondering whether the house was still standing. It was a horrible cold thing with a corrugated steal roof,” he recalled.

“I remember cold, damp, sleepless nights and the sheer fear that when the air raids sounded you didn’t know what was going to happen. The shelter would rock and water poured down the walls. In the morning you’d get up and there would be bits of plane and shrapnel everywhere.”

PCBBlogBnrHe said bombs would drop continuously but the following day he’d be expected to go to school – St. Chad’s County Infants on Chadwell Heath’s Japan Road. He remembers a boy crying at school one day because his father had been killed by a doodlebug that morning.

“There was so much death that you had to get on with it and carry on and go to school,” he said. “No one spoke of injuries or death because it was all around us and happened too often. Without a doubt living through the blitz still affects me today. I want my grandchildren to know what it was like when I was young and how different life was then to growing up today.”

Blitz and Pieces will be published in hardback, paperback and eBook on Thursday (April 30 2015). It is available to buy on Amazon and in all major bookshops such as Waterstones, Barns & Noble, Kindle, etc. Or see Percy’s website: for more details.

Authorgraph Hunter, a tip for Indie Writers

Like most Independent Publishers, I use Amazon and Kindle to distribute my books in print or digital formats. CreateSpace is Amazon’s publishing entity. Personally I find it both an incredible tool (i.e that I can self-publish with a few mouse clicks) but also a frustrating experience. Still one of its virtues is its online forums/articles and blogs with toms of hints and tips from other Indie authors.

I just got a CreateSpace news bulletin that could be helpful to me and so I’d thought I would share with you.

♦ List your book(s) on

Maria Murnane writes: “Signing books is one of the great joys of being an author. There’s nothing quite like holding a copy of a book you wrote in your hands, then inscribing it for a real person who is excited to read it. The majority of my book sales come from eBooks, however, which until recently have been impossible to sign. Not any more! Now there’s a site called Authorgraph, where you can list your books, and fans can request a digital autograph that will appear right in their e-reader. It’s a little awkward to write your signature, but once you get one you like you can save it in the system, then type a personalized note around it for each reader. Isn’t that cool?

Each time a fan requests an “authorgraph” for one of my books, I get an email from the site with a hyperlink. All I have to do is click the link and login, and I see the requests waiting for me.

It’s super easy to use, and it’s free. Here is Maria’s Authorgraph page

Building an author brand is a long-term commitment

Good advice from Richard Ridley (c/o Create Space) again!!

“Speaking of patience, building an author brand is a long-term commitment. This isn’t a get rich scheme. It’s not even a one book and done scheme. Building an author brand takes time and a catalogue of books in order to be robust enough to pull in sustainable sales over time. Relax and enjoy the ride.”

Never send an unsolicited manuscript to someone and ask them to read your book. Strike up a conversation with them, create a relationship with them first, and then ask for their feedback. This tactic has worked on me every time.

» MORE here ... Richard Ridlet is an award-winning author and paid Create Space contributor.

Thanks a Bundle…

kindle-fireThe old adage “I suffered for my art” describes many poor or forgotten artists, poets, composers, etc but it seems even more pertinent in the digital age. It is mildly sad that we don’t cherish someone’s time or trade any more because the digital age allows us easy access with mass copying and easier distribution.

There is no doubt in my mind that the eBook revolution has empowered authors and writers to self-publish in their 10’s of thousands. It’s a liberating experience and cuts out all those “middle men/women” that want a cut for their work. We no longer need a long drawn out process to get our books “out there”… or do we?

Self-publishing is relatively easy now with the Internet but that’s only part of the process.

The down side is making it easy also makes the book sales market a very saturated and competitive place to trade. Consequently there is just a very small chance of breaking through the large Indie pack. So do we make money? Whilst most authors would say they write for the love of it, many would (when pushed) would also like to think that their effort can make them a living or at least compensate for the 1000’s of hours writing a fully fledged novel. That’s not an unreasonable dream I think.

Of course, no matter how good a book is, the reality is many Indie authors will struggle to break their books into the mainstream distribution channels such as Book-shops, newspapers, glossy mags or get a top position with Amazon, iBooks or Waterstones, etc. It’s sad but true!

Often we authors can feel frustrated and our hopes dashed by the burden, time and cost that is required to promote your book. Work that in “old school” would be done by the Publisher. There are quite a lot of online initiatives to help the growing number of Indie Authors, some are free, others charge and a few take commission on sales. There is no “one-size” fits all.

Speak to several Indie authors and they all have their favourite way of publishing or marketing. It’s a mine-field and a costly one at that requiring upfront costs, high risk and no guarantee of sales.I have seen authors giving away PDF versions, free kindle editions and just offering bundles to “raise awareness” of their work. Often authors are truly giving away their work for free or a pittance.

I am not sure it works most of the time for Indie Authors. The theory that Free means more sales later is hard to believe for most of us because there are just too many books available. Granted it is an age-old marketing ploy to offer “loss leaders” so it may work for a few. And it seems that this “free model + advertising revenue” has boomed since the Internet age. There seems to be a perception that all creative downloads are free. Well someone has to create that content, story, image, recipe, music, video, etc… and it can takes hours, days, months and years to achieve.

I don’t know what the answer is in terms of making a living from your craft (or break even point even) but no doubt we will succumb to it as normal. Will this almost impossible goal of commercial success stop us from being creative? Of course not. For as long as humans can create, dream and hope there will be an abundance of art and crafts to amaze us – it is what makes life interesting after all.

Crowd-funding A Book!

It’s a term I first heard last year: “crowd-funding”. What’s that? I hear many of you ask. Well have a quick look over and you’ll soon learn that it is a way to fund creative projects / entrepreneurial ideas through small donations from “the crowd” as opposed to the traditional way of large venture capital, expensive loans or self-funding. Of course lots and lots of small affordable donations can add up to a substantial sum, enough to get a project off the ground. Hence the crowd funds the project.

It’ is now an established and credible route for all sorts of projects to get their funding. The project owner often gives a small incentive to the “giver” if the project is successful. The “giver” has the satisfaction that for a small monetary gift they are helping someone to kick start their venture, their dream, possibly to make a living and help them become successful that, without the funding might easily fall by the way side. Win-Win is the game.

Well to some degree this has been used to fund books and other creative tangibles like music and art. There is a great article on Winning Edits that asks where crowd-funding books might go.

“Indie authors are flocking to sites that allow them to create fund-raising pages for their book projects. It’s a beautiful and simple idea: have your readers fund your next book directly in exchange for intimate access to the process as well as exclusive goodies available at various pledge levels.”

A “Wow” story is that Frank Chimero (author) tried KickStarter to fund and produce his next book “The Shape of Design” – he wanted to raise $27,000 – incredibly he SMASHED his target by $85,000. (look over his Kickstarter Bid here) . Another was “Twig The Fairy” who had a successful bid at 163% over her target. So it can be done.

However, even though the likes of Kickstarter have a massive head start – other’s are seeing the future in niche crowdfunding – so if you love books and want to encourage writing then there are now a few niche sites appearing with the sole purpose of finding funding for Authors/Writers. Of note are PubSlush & Unbound. The latter aims to be the Kickstarter of the Book World and a publisher to boot!

“At Unbound, authors pitch their ideas and you choose which books get written.”. Their double-meaning sub-title is “Books are now in your hands”

Will it change the way authors write, publish and distribute their work? Well unbound want to do that so are they the next BIG THING that will challenge the Traditional Book World like Apple’s iTunes did with popular music or will the likes of Amazon Kindle/ CreateSpace see a new direction and snub out these upstarts?

Well the industry needs a kick up the backside as clearly they have given many an author an independent route, that already bypasses the trad’ physical book publishers so the evolution needs to move towards funding and distribution for the Indie Author as we all know the next best-seller will already be written but no-one knows where it is or how to get it in front of the buyers.

Interesting times indeed in the literary world. Now I do have a new thriller book out soon “Death For A Starter” – maybe Unbound might be worth a go ?

Press Release: Double Award Winning Author

New Pinnacle AwardPinnacle award winning author documents life during infamous London Blitz

“Blitz & Pieces” by Percy W. Chattey tells the true story of one six year old’s experiences in WWII and beyond

Sept’ 2013 – HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y. – “Blitz & Pieces: The True Story of How a Six Year Old Survived the London Blitz” (ISBN 1484881788), the Pinnacle Award winning autobiography by Percy W. Chattey, tells the harrowing tale of one child’s life during World War II’s notorious London Blitz.

Describing the horror of sleeping night after night in an air raid shelter, “Blitz & Pieces” documents author Percy W. Chattey’s life from his fear-filled childhood and British Army service to his numerous business adventures and successes. Providing a vivid recollection of Chattey’s life during and after W.W.II, the book strives to paint an honest picture of life during the difficult times in London’s East End.

Winning the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Autobiography, “Blitz & Pieces” has been widely regarded as a surefire addition to any World War II enthusiast’s bookshelf as well as a standout entry in the autobiographical genre. Aiming to capture the heart and soul of one man’s unique life, “Blitz & Pieces” tells an honest story of love, laughter and struggle.

Already an accomplished author, in 2013 Percy W. Chattey made history by becoming the first recipient of two Pinnacle Awards for separate books within the same session. Winning Best Autobiography for “Blitz & Pieces,” Chattey doubled up by winning Best Thriller for his novel, “Politically Incorrect.”

Beginning his writing career as a hobby, Percy W. Chattey published his first novel in 1983.  Since his initial success, he has gone on to write five other novels, “Motorway,” “Who Called Last Orders,” Politically Incorrect,” The Black Venus,” and the upcoming “Death for a Starter.”

For more information on Percy W. Chattey please visit

“Blitz & Pieces: The True Story of How a Six Year Old Survived the London Blitz” is available for sale online at

About the Author:

Percy W. Chattey was born within the sound of Bow Bells, making him a true cockney with the cockney´s sense of humor. Moving from the East End of London in 1975, Chattey settled in the West Country with his wife and two daughters in 1975. Always possessing an interest in writing, he has contributed to magazines as well as published a number of his own novels. As an award winning author, Chattey recently became the first person to win the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement award for two separate books in a single session for his novel “Politically Incorrect,” and his autobiography “Blitz & Pieces.”  Chattey and his family have lived in their holiday home in Spain since retiring from his architectural practice in Bristol, England.


Percy W. Chattey
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