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Story Telling

Story Telling
Unique & Very Different

A series of booklets published bi-monthly containing short stories, fictional ones and true ones. Others are technical, whilst a number are of significance describing interesting events.

All will keep the reader fascinated especially the funny ones.

120 pages long and about twenty-four thousand words Each totally different from its predecessor.
Also included are chapters or examples of work from novels by published authors.

‘A different slant on life,

The publisher strives for divergence and diversity whilst keeping away from being too controversial and avoiding anything that is too contentious

For a light-hearted read Richards Seal’s book ‘Between the Clouds’ published in the ‘Story Telling Series’ is a comprehensive list of writings embracing the whimsical world of the author.

Each in the series is completely different and also includes works from the ‘Hondon Writers Circle.’ The emphasis is on entertaining the reader and small enough at eight by five inches to put in your pocket for those long journeys.

As they are light-hearted and informative they would also make an ideal present, at Christmas or Birthdays.

All of the Story Telling Series and Percy’s Books are on Amazon and other outlets.     …      Link to Amazon for Between the clouds.     …    Link to Amazon for Story Telling




Man Sitting in Front of ComputerThe Architectural Designer

Although on a day to day basis it was not something my practice got involved in leaving it to people who specialised in the fitting of various types of systems, however from a professional point of view over time certain parameters of the subject attach in one’s mind, which can be used in projects for the future.

First I would like to take the reader back to the period after the last World War, and before that when houses were in the main warmed by one coal fire in the living room. The kitchen was normally chilly but one could always light the gas oven to warm the area, or a small round paraffin oil stove was purchased to keep it warm. The bedrooms were cold and one took a hot water bottle on going to bed, or in some cases where the household could cover the cost then there was a coal fire in each room.

It all sounds very basic, and it was. Most houses at that time had draughty windows, which were not especially effective in keeping the warm in and the cold out. I’ll come back to this in a minute because I think modern technology is leading us in that direction – not the draughty windows though.
Focus Photography of a Ignited Firewood

There is nothing like a log fire burning in the grate giving off that beautiful smell of the wood, but then again they are messy and difficult to keep clean and sooner or later the room will need decorating from the carbon being emitted from the fire.

I have always been a supporter of Air Conditioning. Firstly, they are quick and easy to install and they are effective in that they dry the air which warms up faster than when it is cold and damp. However, to be really efficient they need to run constantly so when the room reaches the preset temperature they will shut down and go on standby. Although economical there is still a cost in running them. Because they are very versatile there is the added bonus of being able to use the unit in hot or cold mode.

When about ten years ago pellet fires came on the market I was one of the people who sang their praises. We purchased two and were extremely pleased with them, they did what the makers said and were versatile and you can time them to come on and off by a simple programme. But time has told a different story to quote a supplier just recently who said ‘they are too complicated and delicate.’

Both our pellet fires are giving trouble and it is very difficult to arrange for an engineer to visit as they all decline because of their complexity there are too many things to go wrong. Another difficulty with them is that they need servicing regularly and that is expensive.

Central heating, there are many types of gas, oil, electric the main basic three. With gas being the most popular, however, compared with the others mentioned above the most expensive to install, although once that is achieved, and providing the installation has been sound, then the system should give years of uninterrupted service.

As I said in an earlier paragraph if people could afford it then there was a coal fire burning in the grate below the chimneys in each room of the house. I have a feeling it will not be too long before in similar way houses will be heated in the future.

As already stated one of our pellet fires stopped working and we have been trying to find an engineer to put things right to no avail. As an alternative, we have been comparing running cost with other heat sources. We were looking for something which would heat the house at a reasonable cost.

Step forward ‘VonHaus.’

At first, I very nearly ignored this tiny unit no bigger than a five litre plastic bottle. It has two settings 750 watts and 1500 watts, it has a ceramic heating system and the cost to purchase at 12.00 pounds gave me enough confidence to buy one.

We now have two and they keep our house perfectly warm, we have one in the en-suite and another halfway between the office and the living room. They are simple to operate and are set on the lower tariff at less than half their output and turn themselves off when the room temperature has reached the setting.

AutobiographyThe best part is the running cost…on the night rate less than .06 cents an hour each, a little over double that during the day. Despite the bitter cold weather outside there is a mass of heat to keep us warm and it was such a small outlay to realize it. That is what I mean when I say I can see the end of central heating and the vast cost of installing it when these units, will do the same job with one in each room professionally fitted into the wall, using up very little capital to achieve it.


Our Children

Woman Writing on PaperJust recently I learned that my Grandchildren are not taught two basics, as they do not know the words to the Lord’s Prayer or the National Anthem. Why?

Have things changed that much in the U.K.? Two basic songs, which every child used to learn by heart and is part of British History, also an understanding of belonging to a great destiny.

There is some form of ideology being fed into the education system to destroy the very historical way of life, to numb people into new beliefs which are not akin to the fulfilling past of the four countries that make up the group of English speaking people.

Slowly, past events are being erased from times gone by of the British, proud events that went on before. Yes, proud events…if these are not taught in schools then the child has no way of forming a foundation of its life, with no knowledge of their forefathers and why they live in a Great Nation.

There is nothing in events or the history for the people of these groups of countries to be ashamed of, for instance, we were in the forefront of abolishing slavery, although some would like to twist the event. We have on a number of occasions protected Europe from being invaded and living under some form of a yoke.

The oldest Democratic Parliament in the world is right here within the shores of Great Britain, eight hundred years and longer of stability, the process which we have taught to other nations.

My understanding is children today are given the belief that we were responsible for the Two World Wars and they find it difficult to understand each time it started by a German dictator  whose armies marched their way through the adjoining countries destroying buildings and the populous as they went, which with a terrible cost in lives and money we and our allies took six years to stop the terror5BooksByPercyChattey

Hopefully, after Brexit, all this will change and once more we will have a Nation which believes in itself and its achievements with its children singing its praises.

Holding the Reins

We are all aware of the barons that control our lives through holding the reins on the conglomerates that sell us everything from Christmas chocolate tins, which every year stay the same price but shrink in size, to cornflake packets which stay the same size but the produce inside only comes half way up the container. While talking about products why do they have to have so many layers of plastic wrapping perhaps someone can design a simple cheap single wrapping for all items that protect it during its travelling to the end user?

We have a heavy use of ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ batteries and when I saw rechargeable ones at half their normal price, all eight beautifully wrapped on a card in a store I was happy to buy them. The months have gone by and there was a need to open the packet to insert one of them into a holder that is when I discovered why they were cheap as they are slightly oversize for a double ‘A’ battery, and don’t fit in the slot in some situations.

It seems now there is very little one can trust. Stores determined to squeeze every penny they can out of a transaction and if that upsets a customer then it does not matter as in most cases they have the monopoly so if you don’t go back they are not worried. Perhaps that statement is a bit strong but it appears to me customer services have declined to a new low level.

The Trust has Gone

Trust! What happened to it? It was not long ago, alright fifty years, when you could leave your front door open or the keys in the ignition of the car with the confident knowledge nothing would happen to either. People helped each other and there was always a warm welcome for a stranger. I think the decline first started when the Government, I’ll let you guess of what colour, decided its duty to the populace could be modified and not all people were equal under the law. It was the mid sixties and the requirement to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle became law and a firm rule with heavy fines for not wearing one. However after an outcry from turban wearing Sikhs the law was changed so it did not apply to them, it appears to have set a precedent as other religious requirements counter to common law have been allowed to exist.

In the late nineteen hundreds the worst single item in my mind for teaching children to cheat, lie and steal was when the famous Walkers Crisp Company constantly ran an advert on Television of a famous footballer sitting at a table and stealing crisps off a child when they were not looking. How or why that was allowed I do not understand, but I firmly believe it in itself was detrimental to teaching the young how to behave, as if stealing was a common act and a joke.

Percychatteybooks moves on with the Story Telling Series number 15 Richard Seals ‘Between the Clouds’ is now live on Amazon and very shortly on Kindle and no doubt his followers will be keen to read his stunning works. By the way Story Telling 15 crept in before 14 as it was ready to be published first


The Bottle

photo of wine bottles in a row

Photo by on

We are talking wine here, with a few exceptions the bottles are 75 cl, in size, which appears to be an odd amount and as someone said, ‘My wife and I believe it is a conspiracy by the wine industry to sell more wine because they are not large enough for two people which means having to consider to buy another.’

Evidently, it was Napoleon, well at least it was about his time when the French were keen to sell the British their wine, and the people who were in receipt of it, loved it, as they at that time had no equivalent. It became a popular beverage in the United Kingdom so much so they became the largest drinkers of their near neighbour’s blend of the fermented grape than anywhere else in the world.

The French leader had insisted that France used the litre as a standard measurement which is poles apart from the English benchmark of a gallon. And as one gallon equalled 4.546 litres there was a difficulty in selling the wine as the difference in the two standard sizes made it complicated.

Then some wag discovered that the British standard size barrel of 250 gallons contained 225 litres of wine, with a little further calculation that meant if the wine was in 75 cl bottles then a barrel would hold 300 of them.

So as we find today six bottles of that size goes neatly into a cardboard box which is strong enough and light enough to carry, which also means there is enough wine at the table. But it strikes me if the French were so keen to sell their wine why didn’t they bottle it into quart bottles which is two pints, a recognised British measurement from decades previously?

 Percy Chattey Books


Between the Clouds

Story Telling Fifteen

At ‘Story Telling’ following the release of the excellent work of ‘Living Now’ by Richard Seal, we were excited and very pleased when he asked us to publish a second book and today we can announce ‘Between the Clouds’  has gone live on Amazon.

Richard is a prolific writer of prose and short stories all amusing or with deep feeling, the following is his words for the books back cover.

In a rainbow water droplets break white sunlight into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. We experience shades of each of these colours throughout life.

Whilst it may be true that you can only see them if the sun is behind you and the rain is in front, rainbows are always present if you really want to feel them.

To order ‘Story Telling Fifteen…Between the Clouds’ follow the link,  it is the perfect size to  be  a great stocking filler

The story of a very important General.

Two Men in Military Clothing With GunsIn a fortress which was persistently being attacked by a variety of different enemies, General I. M. Mune was on twenty-four-hour guard during which he was constantly being informed, by a higher authority about attacks on his citadel. Once more the alarms were being sounded and he was being warned of where the current assault was situated and the damage it could do.

The General gathered his forces of White Corporals who themselves were always on stand-by roving around the stronghold waiting for an instruction to prevent any insurgents from gaining access and causing harm or worse.

Although his army was strong enough to prevent any invader from gaining access to the bastion, however, through lack of training they were a motley crew with very little knowledge of how to keep some of the different types of attackers from gaining access to their homeland. Because they had no experience and did not know how to.

As in previous times, the instruction was flashed around the complex to bring the White Corporals to attention and to prepare to attend to the latest show of outer aggression, which was occurring on the outer walls.

Once more the General was disappointed. This time he thought his team would gain some real guidance in keeping the place safe. But just when he had his forces in position to repel the invader and to restore the damage to the outer skin, some strange forces outside the complex carried out ‘some work’ of repairing the damage and once more his men did not gain the necessary experience to fight off an incident.

In all walks of life, we need to have directions on how to carry out our task. Babies are taught how to walk and talk. Plumbers are instructed about water flow and drainage while electricians need to learn about electricity. Teachers have to be trained. Without knowledge being passed on from generation to generation, the human race would not in its present holding red stethoscope

It is the same within us…our own personal citadels with our army of White Corpuscles (Corporals) or leukocytes. We all have a General Immune who from a very young age needs training of how to fight off invaders to our wellbeing. But unfortunately, we tend to reach for a bottle to sooth the problem or clog up the A & E Department when in reality and in many cases there is no need.

This piece is written in total support of our Doctors and Nurses and the fine work they carry out on our behalf.

Living Now

‘Living Now’ number eleven in the Percychatteybooks ‘Story Telling’ Series.

Richard Seal’s, first book ‘Shivering in the Sun’ was published a few years ago and we were pleased when he asked Story Telling to publish his latest work. It also follows in our philosophy of publishing different types of genre from authors and writers.

‘Living Now’ is a compendium of short stories  and poems told in Richard’s wonderful way with words…very enjoyable. 

This book takes a reflective journey through life with stories and poetry about childhood, family, relationships, nature, Autumn and passing. Darkness is illuminated by the unquenchable lights of joy, hope and humour.

Available through Amazon by clicking on the following link:



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