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Death for a Starter

pcbdeathforastartercover1600x2400There are many ways of writing a story and I am certain all Authors write differently. Some plan the whole narrative before writing, other sketch the beginning, middle and end before putting pen to paper. I know one who has the beginning and the end but not the middle.

I don’t like either way, I think the story reads more natural when it takes on its own meaning and develops as one writes. And so it was with ‘Death for a Starter.’

The original idea was a detective story set in the eighteen hundreds during one of the periods in Ireland when the potato crop had failed and families were dealing with real famine. It came close to the original thought but it is more thrilling than that. We were delighted when it went on to win ‘Best Historical Fiction’ at the Pinnacle Awards.

It was also the beginning of a trilogy as after its completion I went on to conclude the chronicle of the family in ‘The Dauntless Factor’ and finally ‘The Cormack’s’ taking their history from the mid eighteen hundreds to the nineteen twenties.

Death for a Starter can be found on Amazon by following the link

Happy reading:



It was during the eighties when as a Councillor in a Local Authority, at regular meetings we frequently discussed how to deal with the dangers of plastic waste and the expansive use of it. There was a mass of information at that time for the handling and the disposal of it, but nothing was achieved.

We were concerned at the environment of the world and how it would cope with the ever increasing need of the material, with the certain knowledge there would come a time when the earth would be swamped. Although I don’t think we imagined for one moment how dangerous it really was and within such a short time our way of life would start to choke on the stuff.

Various schemes were proposed at that time for using it as fuel and developing power from what is a useless material once it has been discarded. The proposals were normally wiped out at birth, and never got off the ground because of one fear or another, whether it was destroying the green belt or the horror of contaminated air from the burning and the ‘not in my back yard’ attitude. Of course by that time man had gone to the moon and back and yet there was not the will to find a way of burning plastic without it causing pollution.

Nearly forty years on and there is still no sign of a real answer to the dilemma except multi bins outside houses to separate it from other waste material, which is no answer at all for the Authorities still do not know what to do with it. Frequently there has been some help as various proposal have been put in place to destroy it…maybe that should have happened forty years ago.

In the last twelve months or so there have been reports of numerous fires. I am not only talking forest, where acres have been destroyed around the world, there have also been the burning of buildings, for instance the terrible event of the Grenfell Tower being destroyed. In the past there have been fires in high rise building but they were kept under control. I am sure I am not the only one thinking it is odd as we hear of another building burning, the latest one is a famous museum in South America with priceless artefacts inside burnt to the ground.

On a more positive note Casa FuenteLargo our Holiday Home in the real Spain continues to flourish and we are looking forward to the next season. Please go to for further information.

My Book Covers!

pcbfacebookheaderall8booksBook covers are quite important to attract attention. Afterall book publishers and authors employ expensive designers and marketeers to create a book cover that has impact, style and speaks to the prospective reader. With so many books for sale, its cover design might be the difference between it being noticed and considered or left on the shelf.

So we must judge a book by its cover right? Of course the cover does not guarantee the quality of the contents or a great story but it helps us see the genre or gist of the plot. Here’s a preview of my book covers. (click to enlarge)

But what makes a good book cover? And if book covers were all a plain colour, would it it be harder or easier to pick a book to read? We might instead look for book reviews or read the synopsis on the back cover. We might ask friends for recommendations. We might be led by what the retailer pushes to the front. There’s a good article about book design on the Creative Indie website.

My initial book covers were done in Word or  Powerpoint and I hadn’t a clue how to design book covers or use graphic software. Thankfully I found a good web designer and graphics company “Digital Idiom” to help me out. Once I have a book plot I am already thinking of the cover design. I meet the designer and we discuss and identify the colour, feel and possible graphics for the covers. He takes the ideas and dies the magic! Just about every time he has got it spot on, just how I imagined it to be.

Linda Irene Piper says: I have read all your books Percy Chattey and they are a brilliant read. Looking forward to reading your new one x

Dawn Northrop says: Thank you Percy. I just finished Watchit ! There’s love about. A great read looking forward to next one. xx

Pinnacle Award 2014 Best Historical Thriller “Death For A Starter”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Best Autobiography “Blitz and Pieces”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Summer Best Thriller “Politically Incorrect”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Fall Best Thriller “The Black Venus”


We’re on SmashWords

Great News! You can now download my books via SmashWords in various formats… more of my books are coming soon. And even better they promise to distribute them in other popular e-book formats and release to other popular on-line books stores such as iBooks!

Here’s the link to the Percy Chattey Books SmashWords page.


Short Stories Required

Authors: We need your short storyWe are searching for short stories.

‘Percy Chattey Books Publishing’ is looking for short stories to be published in book form. We are interested in short writings of about 500 to 1000 words they can be humorous, serious, fact, fiction or verse.

We will publish your work* in book form possibly by next spring acknowledging the person who wrote it. We cannot enter into discussion on any work and we reserve the right to alter and edit submissions.

CONTACT US NOW: In the first instance please email a copy of your short story to percybooks @ or by real mail to Percy Chattey, Apartado de Correos 89, Aspe, 03680, Alicante. You should include name, address, and telephone number and your email address.

Thank you.

*IMPORTANT: The work must be personal to yourself, original and certainly not copied, adapted from elsewhere or copyrighted to another. And they cannot to be detrimental to persons or organisations either directly or by implication.

The Dauntless Factor

pcbdoublebookbuynow“The Dauntless Factor “(a thriller book) is available on-line…

This exciting novel: ‘The Dauntless Factor’ by Percy W. Chattey is an easy read thriller of suspense and anticipation. It is set at a time when cars were an unusual sight. He tells the continuing story of the O’Dowd family who had emigrated from Ireland to escape the potato famine in the eighteen hundreds to discover their fortune in North East England.

It is now the start of the 1900’s and we learn of Katherine, the American girl, who comes to England to find love with all its twists and turns. There is also Sir Patrick, the Chief Executive of the Dauntless Motor Works, who with the help of his son Robert, built it up from nothing. Both are respected people in the community of Liverpool, however dark events which happened in the past, are suddenly brought to the fore.

Plus, another thriller of mine is just being re-published as “A Common’s Mistake” (formally ‘Politically Incorrect’)….

All my books are available on-line via Amazon and (soon) Smashwords… just search for “Percy Chattey Books” on Google.

Thank you for your support and if you read (or have already read) any of my books I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Your Free Holiday Thriller Book!

bnr-time-bookIt was sixteen years ago last August when Jean and I moved to Hondon de los Frailes, a little hamlet in the Spanish Mountains not too far from the golden sands of the Costa Blanca.

At that time there were only about seven hundred Spanish people living in the village and we were the only English couple, now it has a population of about three times that many. We fell in love with the place and still feel that way and have watched as it has developed into something quite different, in that tourist and holiday makers find it homely, quiet and peaceful away from the celebrations and crowds nearer the coast.

Now the village has differing types of restaurants offering fine cuisine, some with frequent entertainment, and of course there are the small bars where you can mix with people who live in the real Spain.

At this time of year we are preparing, and also improving our rental villa: Casa FuenteLargo, for the next season, it is starting a little earlier this year as we have guests staying over Christmas and another group for the New Year Celebrations.

This coming year I will be giving away my new and latest novel ‘Time Gentlemen’ free of charge to each group as a way of saying thank you for visiting our holiday home.


The Digital Age & Smashwords


I do not know how others feel but my lovely wife Jean, and I are traditional type of people, we like mature items tested by time.

For instance one of these new modern fitted kitchens with shiny surfaces with clashing colours everywhere would make me feel ill to work in. I much prefer the old oak kitchen doors they look more natural. Or to see a traditional train chugging along a railway line blowing smoke and steam is exciting, one does not get the same thrill watching a large ugly diesel engine pulling carriages.

The cars of long ago, the E type Jaguar or the Triumph and MG sports cars looked like cars, all independently designed and built with care. Nothing like the present day versions, which are more like space craft with no thought to how they individually look as they are all similar, with no character.

Books, when you first receive one and admire the work that has gone in to it, to create it, and you are privileged to open the cover for the first time with that beautiful musty smell, the feel of the crisp paper of the pages as one glances through it – no, no never the last page.

All that is to announce we are slowly coming into the real world, well at least ‘Percy Chattey Books Publishing’ is, as it is going digital. All my work, that is eight novels is being downloaded on to ‘Smashwords’ and when that is complete we will then add all of them to ‘E Books.’

There will be no compromise with the story lines and Percy Chattey Books will still be available through Amazon, if you prefer to have a real book. As it is a lot of translating to be done, nearly a million words and of course the stunning covers, it will take some time and we are aiming for the third week in November for the transition to be complete. Happy and enjoyable reading.

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