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In the wonders of the Hondon Valley here in Spain, the sun has been shining and at this time of year, January, it will encourage the Almond blossom to commence to show in the orchards and the basin will be covered in various shades of pink, giving the wonderful feeling of spring being on the way.

The trees in a few weeks will start to bear the fruits of the almond nutwhich because of the extra weight it will force the branches to start to hang lower. I know nothing of how old the trees are although they were well established nineteen years ago.

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During the period we have observed them, they are in the adjoining field. On occasion with its branches sparse of leaves one will fail to follow the pattern and look odd with no flowers during this part of the season. A blank dark spot in a row of colourful pink foliage. When this happens the farmer cuts the tree down and promptly puts another in its place.

Of course that is the way of the world nothing is permanent, everything you see around you has a useful life before moving on for others to progress the energy in another direction. The school teacher and the pupils themselves will relocate on to be replaced by others.

The Chief Executive of the big corporate conglomerate retires at some time, as is the same as the folks on the shop floor. We have certainly seen the change in the High Streets as the various shops come to an end of their useful life of serving the people.

Parliament itself is constantly changing in a regular pattern of every five years … ahh there is a difference here, there is one who’s  words have failed to fruit as they have been voted down many times  and are dead … I do not understand that like the farmer they have not been cut down and replaced by another.

Here at Story Telling we have number seventeen in progress there is a lot to do to it as yet but it should be out in about four weeks time. There are further copies in the pipeline more about that later, however all will join the other thirty in Percychatteybooks Stable on Amazon go into it by following the link  …

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Seventy Metres

Amongst all the news about Brexit this morning, that is if one can call it news? It is more like the ‘if’s and buts’ of a repeated ongoing boring debate and as I understand it by the time you read this it will be all over, well that is, if the voting is to accept the present proposal is agreed. If it is turned down then we will be in another period of ‘if’s and buts’.

Back to what was on the BBC news this morning. There was, as they have been broadcasting in the past few days, pictures of the events in Europe of the unprecedented snow falls. They were showing avalanches of the white stuff blocking roads, and in one case crashing through the glass structure of a hotels dining room. Also there were pictures of people skiing down the slopes at the same time others were shovelling the snow from their roofs as it was deemed to be too heavy, all with the emphasis on it being unusual.  I am certain someone in charge of programming had their  tongue in cheek when immediately following this horror they included a piece of the ice melting around the ice caps and the normal warning of the sea levels rising and flooding coastal towns around the world. However the reporter mixed up his figures when he said it would rise by as much as seventy metres I think he meant centimetres.

News today is a monster in the amount of information it requires to keep broadcasting twenty-four hours a day, and scoops up many of the non-stories to fill the time. For instance, the referral to a previous occasion when something unusual happens and they manage to quote the last time when something similar occurred even if it was only two years ago. So we are bombarded with all the happenings around the world delivered to us in a tone which is adverse and in some cases as if the end of the world is near.

It was not that long ago when the news was restricted to a few minutes per day. Newspapers, at best the contents were nearly a day old, and they all stuck to the point without referring to comment, which meant the populace got on with their lives without worrying about a tragedy, in some out back, the other side of the world.  I wonder how Brexit would have been reported in those days?

Image result for pictures of Casa fuentelargo

We had a marvellous year in 2018 with happy visitors in our Holiday home ‘Casa FuenteLargo’ and received very excellent reviews from our guests on Trip advisor and a 9.5 certificate which is out of ten from For enquiries go to


It was just over thirty years ago in July 1988, when we went to America for the first time, Miami to be precise. We had an air conditioned apartment on the beach with the Atlantic Ocean tumbling over the golden sands. The total cost of the two weeks, including car hire and the air fare by ‘Virgin Atlantic’, which was just coming into being at that time, was one hundred and eighty pounds for the two of us. What a wonderful low cost holiday, I wonder what the price would be today.

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There were numerous memorable things about that vacation, driving down the chain of islands called the Keys, seeing where Hemingway lived and eating Lime Cake, also the sign saying we were ninety miles from Cuba. How can one forget the sight of alligators swimming around in the Everglades, but first taking notice of the recommendation on the information panel and spraying ourselves with a mosquito bite formula. While we were there at a recreation stop some giant blackbirds were trying to steal the steaks off the portable barbeque we had brought with us, despite the heat. The wonders of the Kennedy Space Centre, the title of which had been changed back to its original name of Cape Canaveral, stunning views and information the likes of which we had not comprehended before.   

In those two weeks I think the thing that struck us the most was the politeness of the people, and their helpful attitude which made us feel comfortable and at home despite being mistaken for Canadians. Amongst all this beauty and wonderment another event stands out in our minds and that is the News reports on the large television in our apartment. It was positive. When reporting good news there were no ‘if’s or but’s’ only an optimistic view point, at the time it was very refreshing as at home the news was totally different in its negative outlook, anything on the upbeat in the broadcasting of a story there was always something which indicates it could all go the wrong way.

That has not really changed, on a daily basis we are bombarded with negative information, a PC world which does not allow comedy which laughs at ourselves or the differences in human behaviour. Our TV programmes on the whole are continuous and a mixture of nature studies, cooking events, and endless football. Who ever came up with the name of ‘Pointless’ for that television series got it exactly right.

I seriously think the youth of today would be better informed if the politicians acted like grown men and told the truth and did what they said they would do. Also if television was more light hearted. If the ‘forces of order’ controlling the streets brought back a period when it was safe to go out. It is sad to see how Britain is wallowing in its own discord, with different power struggles trying to take control with whatever the end being the prize, and no matter what takes place to get there.

It is a great feeling to be able to announce ‘Story Telling Sixteen’ is now live on Amazon and Kindle, in a few days time. Like the previous issues, it is full of short stories, funny ones and those of interest. We have also published recently Richard Seal’s third new book in the ‘Story Telling Series’ at number twenty, ‘Journey not Taken’ a whimsical look through life as only Richard can describe in his exacting way of using words.

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To be Seen

One of the most useful items when crossing open water, like the strip between France and England is a radar system, it keeps one informed of what is happening around you and picks up small objects in the distance, it is not as if it is new it was invented back in the thirties and forties.

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I have loved mucking about in boats and have crossed the English Channel including going up as far as the Belgian coast. On a clear night it is possible to see the lights and the outline of the continental shore line with the different lighthouses flashing their warning signals. The one thing that used to surprise me all those years ago, was on our return we were never stopped from entering the country, it was all very much a Gentlemen thing as one was supposed to report to the harbour master. It seems nothing has changed, however in those days mass immigration was not a problem not like it is in today’s situation.

As I remember the Coast Guard were responsible for monitoring the shore line of the British Isle, and although I just said we came and went as we pleased it was not without being monitored by them.  By its name, instantly you can understand what its function is ‘Guarding the Coast.’

The Border Force which was formed in 2012, I am not certain what it means: Force to force people away or the force them in? It is also strange when we find that two out of three ships are not anywhere near the coast of the U.K. but in the Mediterranean. So what force are they forcing?

As the people in the U.K. sleep in their beds at night feeling comfortable with the countries armed forces to protect them, it must be a bit disturbing to find that before they can be deployed to stop an invasion of small boats across the Channel, two MOD department first, as just recently happened, have to argue it out what department is going to pay for it.

In the mean time with all the modern equipment that the Army, Navy and Air Force  have at the their disposal they find it difficult to see or stop rubber dinghies arriving at  the Kent or any other coast, which we are told is illegal but in the eyes of those protecting Britain it is allowed to happen.

We are pleased to announce Story Telling is publishing this week Richard Seals third book ‘Journey not Taken’ it will be available on Amazon early next week.

Droning On.

We are told the Home Secretary has had a bad couple of weeks, which did not stop him from going on safari for the Christmas Break, although he has now hurried back to try and sort out the problem of the invasion of small boats crossing the English Channel.

In the mean time we learn that the spectacle of the events at Gatwick Airport a few days ago was a mistake when ninety two trusted informers of the police reported drones over the runways, which in all possibilities turn out to be warning lights on high builder’s cranes swaying in the wind, as seen from seven miles away. 

 In a situation which Rowan Atkinson would have been proud to have written in one of his humorous sketches, it is alleged the Police send up a drone to look for the supposed illegal ones. Now there are real flying objects crisscrossing the airport and no one got to grips with the situation and realised the ones that were now flying were friendly ones and not there to disrupt the flight time tables.

The Police it is reported having refused help from the armed forces chase around looking for persons launching these flying objects and resort to the knowledge of known people who like the pastime of flying toy aeroplanes and manage to arrest a couple, who had nothing to do with it. On further investigation, so we are told, no evidence could be found of drones being launched from anywhere around the airport.

While this is happening hundreds of thousands of passengers look at departure boards and the disappointing word ‘cancelled’ for 750 flights and fretting if they will get to their Christmas destination, and out of frustration and lack of sleep curl up on the cold floor, while they wait for the problem to be sorted.

While writing a fictional story, if I had thought of something similar, it is a situation I would have discarded as being unbelievable. Story telling has to have a level of excitement and drama, but to close a main terminus down for 36 hours does not seem possible in a fictional tale not in the circumstances as portrayed, and my guess is the reader would put the book down at that point.

It goes to show life is stranger than fiction.  

It was in nineteen forty that Hitler amassed invasion barges along the French coast preparing to invade Great Britain, perhaps he could have saved himself a lot of time and used rubber dinghies instead.

Seriously the meaning of the word immigrant: A person who moves to another place to start a new life. We as a married couple did exactly that when we legally moved to Spain, but first we had to prove we could support ourselves before we were allowed to become residents and that meant agreeing to the Spanish way of life and their laws.

Syrian refugees on boat. Syrian crisis. tragedy of refugees. Civil war in Syria Stock Vector - 44814139

Now that the two authorities in charge of the ‘Channel Tunnel,’ the underwater crossing of the strip of sea between France and the Kent coast, this escape route has been closed or suitably prevented migrants from gaining access to it, so called immigrants are using small unstable boats to try and cross the twenty or so miles of the shipping lanes. Good luck to them that is a very hazardous journey.

What I do not understand having tried to stop them originally, when they have almost made it they are rescued and welcomed with open arms and passed to the Social Services. If they are illegal, and they must be otherwise why try to stop them in the first instance, then why are they not arrested and returned from whence they came?

The other thing I find disturbing is we are told these people who are trying to reach the shores of Britain, pay smugglers large sums of money, one quote was for €15,000 per person. If it is worth that amount to risk the discomfort, the cold and the dangers of the crossing how much is the reward when they arrive? Perhaps the welfare payment to new comers is far too much!!

The Christmas Drone

My guess is that most people who have listened to the horror, which represents Gatwick Airport for the last few days, would ask how could it have happened? This drone, this toy, similar ones will be under many a Christmas Tree this Xmas, can be used against and defeat the modern technology that protects the countries Aerodromes.

We now know for certain there is a facility to bring the incursion of this plaything to a stop and yet it took almost three days to use it.  Are we to believe there is no one in authority who can order the use of the ‘drone killer.’ In the mean time the termini is full of folks while some deranged idiot makes a play thing of them. Today it is a drone, perhaps tomorrow it will be carrying some high explosive and this is just the dummy run for the real event. Why wasn’t it treated as a terrorist attack from the start and measure put in place to protect those travelling. It would have been a great idea in the first instance to have stopped talking about doing something, and done it.

It seems to me the UK is not coping in many ways and when we are told the homeless and individuals living on the streets has multiplied by a very high percentage and little being done for them. The Minister in charge, who is supposed to be controlling and managing this continuing rise of vulnerable persons, arrives in the media studios to spout in some political language, what they are doing which is passing the problem down the line.

Of course in some ways they are correct. With a situation where there are only two main parties in control of the country, and has been for some time, the party in power see’s its policies being watered down by the opposition, who control a portion of town and city councils, and are not too keen in making a strategy work which would be of benefit to the opposing party, and deliberately drag their feet implementing any proposals. Having myself spent some time in politics I know this to be true.

In the mean time we have more and more citizens unable to cope and living in squalor whilst at the other end we have wealthy persons building underground swimming pools in houses worth millions of pounds. I am not proposing anything, just saying ‘it does not seem right!’

Hopefully after the 29th March someone will get a grip on the country to protect the people from not only the danger at the airports, but also to buy up rows of empty properties, there are many in the High Streets, and make them into somewhere for those out of their luck, where they can be at least warm and in some comfort.

Pinnacle Books Award Winner
Percy has won five awards for his writing he is with three of them.

Happy Christmas

As we celebrate the day with the shortest daylight hours we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a glorious New Year from Percy at Percychatteybooks and Jean at Casa Fuentelargo.

To those who have been lucky enough to have received a book as a present we are sure you will enjoy it as you turn the pages taking you into a new interesting world of excitement, romance and intrigue.

Our Holiday home continues to receive excellent reviews another ten out of ten from the guests that stayed with us recently putting our score very high on at 9.6, with the new season about to start the house and grounds are prepared and ready to receive visitors.

We are looking forward to the coming year with excitement as our Series of short stories ‘Story Telling’ passes issue number twenty which is also receiving good reviews from our readers.   

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