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Fame! I tasted it, I liked it and want more!

A new thriller by Percy ChatteyI always get a great feeling when out of the blue someone approaches me and comments on my work. We were having lunch out a few days ago when a fellow from the village came up to our table and said to me almost in a whisper, ‘I have just finished ‘Watchit’ a great read – a little bit raunchy in fact my wife told me to put it down as I was getting too excited.’

No it is nothing like ‘Fifty Shades’ it is a book with a story and I have tried to show the difficulties and the relationships of growing up in the fifties. Its sequel is coming on fine heading for a launch in October. Happy reading

PR: Thriller Author Wins His Third Pinnacle Award

Award Winner in Best Thriller Book

December 7th, London: Percy W Chattey, the London-born author and self-publisher now residing in the Costa Blanca, proudly announces that he has won his third book award for his thriller “The Black Venus”. The NABE (North American Book Dealers Exchange) awarded Percy’s book a best in category: Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Thriller Fall 2013. Percy is proud to be the first ever author to win three Pinnacle awards back-to-back in the same year.

This exciting news makes Percy W Chattey the first ever Self-Publishing Author to win three awards back-to-back in the same year. His previous self-published booksBlitz and Pieces” (an autobiography) and “Politically Incorrect” (a trade-mark thriller) also won similar accolades in the Summer 2013 Pinnacle Awards.

Percy is proud and welcomes the awards. He says: “This is amazing! It’s always great to receive praise or award for your work. As much as I love to write for fun it is nice to know your creative work ticks a few boxes. To get one award was pleasing enough, but three in the same year is special and motivated me to continue writing.

Percy is already working on his sixth book, a rework of one of his early novels. All Percy’s books are  available via Amazon as paperbacks and eBooks or via his own website.

Thanks: Thriller Book “Politically Incorrect”

Politically Incorrect Book CoverThank you to Annie M for a favourable comments on my Thriller Book “Politically Incorrect“…

Couldn’t put it down, such a great story. The story is very clever and has some good twists to the plot. It was easy to read, I love that there are chapters that divide the story so that it can be followed. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

ISBN-10: 1466399651 / ISBN-13: 978-1466399655

“A great read with a stunning end.” : Declan Murphy, Northampton

This novel depicts a political assassination plot along with a romantic web of betrayal. “Politically Incorrect” by Percy Chattey follows a British businessman as he attempts to salvage his empire from a socialist regime but at the cost of his family’s happiness.

This book is a web of intrigue that begins with a jaded British businessman’s fight against a socialist government who are proposing legislation that would destroy his life style and forces him to take extreme measures to do what he believes is right.

Free Sample Chapter“Very good… what a surprising end!” : Richard de St Croix, Spain

When Colin Sheer-Wood is faced with ruin at the hands of a small political party with a tiny majority in parliament, he refuses to go down without a fight. Sheer-Wood hires assassins to kill members of parliament so the administration no longer has a majority. He fails to realize that one of the three people on his hit list is his daughter’s fiancé, begging the question – will saving his business empire tear apart his family?

WOW! I am Thrilled to be an Award Winner (Twice!)

We have had brilliant news – two of my books have been awarded first place in the Pinnacle Awards in USA. It is also confirmed that NO-ONE in the history of these awards has won twice in the same period!! Double Winner – I am pleased as punch !!

Pinnacle Book Award 2013

Available through the Amazon and Kindle Book Store or please go to to enjoy these books. Thank you.

All the best, Percy

15 months imprisonment if caught reading!

I literally stumbled upon this list of these 10 Banned Books. To be honest I didn’t recognise most of them but what is interesting is why they were banned and some of the penalties if caught reading them. Many of the books are old when attitudes were much more prudent and any bad-taste would outrage the authorities or the public…


5. The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie (1988)

The gist: Rushdie’s book tells the story of an Indian expat living in modern day England. After surviving a plane crash, Gibreel Farishta, a Bollywood superstar is left to rebuild his life, while the other survivor, the emigrant Saladin Chamcha has his life torn apart.

Why was it banned? Many in the Islamic community saw Rushdie’s take on Islam to be blasphemous. In Venezuela, you would be imprisoned for 15 months if caught reading the book, while Japan issued fines for people who sold the English-language edition. Even in the US, two major bookshops refused to sell the book after death threats were received.

10. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (1955)

The gist: Humbert Humbert, a scholar born in Paris, is obsessed with young women, or “nymphets” as he calls them. Moving to a small New England town, he comes obsessed with the 12-year-old daughter of Charlotte Haze, and secretly covets her, using his marriage to her mother as a ruse. Humbert and the girl abscond and begin hopping from town to town trying to conceal their true relationship.

Why was it banned? After being called ‘the filthiest book I have ever read’ by the editor of the Sunday Express, the Home Office seized all copies of the book in 1955 on the grounds that it was pornography. The French banned it the following year, but curiously, it was published without issue in the USA.

“Slammed” top 100 best-seller list

Self-publishing authors worry night and day that their carefully, painstakingly crafted eBooks will sell or at least get reviewed favourably.

Well another living proof that it can and does work is Colleen Hoover’s “Slammed” – [She blogs here :] .Written as a hobby and published for Kindle (Amazon) she gave it away for free and a low price – soon there was a social media buzz from readers and reviews online – gradually gaining some momentum. And has this article reports eventually got into the Amazon’s Kindle Top 100 sellers!!

“I had no intentions of ever getting the book published. I was just writing it for fun,” said Hoover, who uploaded “Slammed” a year ago in January. … By July, both were on The New York Times best-seller list for e-books. Soon after, they were picked up by Atria Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint. By fall, she had sold the movie rights.

“I wasn’t expecting any of this at all. And I’m not saying I don’t like it, but it’s taken a lot of getting used to,” said the 33-year-old Hoover, who quit her job last summer to focus on her career as an author.

Nice to hear of success, especially when not expected. Well done to Colleen.

Kindle or real Books!

kindle-fireI have a Kindle Fire – and love how I can have books almost instantly and get book bargains that I might not see at all or until I visit a book shop. It’s great, as I live in the middle of nowhere so don’t have to travel miles to get books any more.It has it’s pros and cons though …

It is next to useless in my sunny conservatory where I prefer sit in my comfy chair to read in the Winter. I can hardly see the Kindle screen for reflection. it’s like looking in a mirror. So I still have to return to a good old fashioned paperback if I want to read in my favourite room.

And I actually find it slow to load the internet. Not over impressed to be honest.

So I guess we just have to have both!


I do not like to write – I like to have written. Gloria Steinem

New Thriller Novel – Book Jacket Pitch!

My Book CoverI was toying with the back cover pitch of my newest thriller novel novel “The Black Venus”, I think I may have improved it – what do you think? (feedback welcome).

In under 300 words…

“Bang! Goren has just witnessed the horrific and bizarre shooting of his beloved wife in a remote and poor Balkan village. He has no idea why? Distraught and broken hearted he swears to find out the reasons and take revenge on the soldier who murdered her.

Then, the seemingly unrelated and shocking carnage of a lethal terrorist bomb in a quaint southern English town destroys its people and its heart, adding to the many compelling twists and turns of this unusual thriller.

Enter an apparently innocuous couple who make a living out of malefaction. Who are they? Their arrival is more than intriguing. They have a dubious assignment too.

Free Sample Book ChapterGoren’s journey and mission entwines a tale of two war torn nations through scenic Italy, rural England and the former Yugoslavia. From terrorists to land ladies, through determined activists, estate agents and window cleaners, this story has romance, crime plots galore and plenty of subterfuge. The reader will be asking questions from page-to-page until they discover just how does the “Na Trioblóidí” bring this all together?

“The Black Venus” is an imaginative murder mystery thriller with a surprising conclusion, a trade mark of its author, Percy Chattey who has himself lived through war and poverty.  He writes with an understanding and compassion of the subject matter and creates realistic characters with enough mystery to contrive a tale of intrigue.”

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