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Blitz & Pieces

So once again another get together by delegates from some of the countries of the World to discuss Climate Change, this time in Poland, and although after days of talking, that in itself is a lot of hot air, no decision was made. Well there was almost a decision, no direction though, just everyone agrees to keep each other informed of what action they are taking. The USA ignored the proceedings and stayed away.

I have said it before calling it ‘climate change’ could mean the weather transforming to being more hot or on the other hand cold.  In this instance they were concerned about the temperature rising and yet at the same time there was another report in the papers that 1922 was the hottest year there has ever been, and we must not forget that NASA resonantly reported on a New Ice Berg the size of Manhattan.

Next year will be eighty years since the declaration of War with Germany after the British Government had warned Hitler to stop his troops from marching through the rest of Europe and to stay away from Poland otherwise the questionable peace would come to an end and we would be at war. By the time the warning had been given it was a little late as he already had his ‘jackboots’ echoing around most of the other countries on the continent.

It was the following year when he took his spite out on the U.K. by releasing the Blitzkrieg by bombing the major cities in the country, mainly at night and where in nine months he managed to destroy one house in three in the capital city of London alone.

In my book ‘Blitz and Pieces,’ a true story which won best autobiography at the ‘Pinnacle Awards,’  I describe what it was like for a six old living through this horrific period in East London, when bombs were raining down nightly and the steel shelter where we were trying to sleep, continuingly being rocked and vibrating from the explosions. It is available through Amazon by following the link

Blitz & Pieces by [Chattey, Percy]
Published by Percychatteybooks

Softly Softly

It was in 1925 that Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ he was in Landsburg Prison at the time serving five years for Treason.  The book, some people see it as the ‘blue print’ for the ‘Third Reich,’ which went on to sell millions.

One of the passages in the book, which was originally called ‘Eine
Abrechnung’ or ‘A Reckoning’ before the name change, and I quote from it.  ‘The best way to take control over people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and imperceptible reductions.’

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An original saying from London slang before that time is ‘softly, softly to catch a monkey,’ themonkey being a sum of money, five hundred pounds. Both Hitler and the slang areright. As an example, in the ninety eighties in the centre of the City of Bath,is Queen Square with four access points to it. The local Authority wanted toclose one of them, which caused many people to disagree. So the council said ‘let’s try it for six months and if does not work we can take down the temporarybarriers.’ After six months the populace were used to it and there were noobjections when it became permanent.

June 2016 and the referendum vote was the reverse of what the establishment expected. As a comparison it only took a few months for the country to prepare for the Second World War, it is surprising that two and half years after the vote was taken to leave the EU,the ‘ifs and buts’ are still being discussed.   

Blitz & Pieces by [Chattey, Percy]

Hitler also said “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”

A New World

So now the young people of the Remain Campaign,boosted by ex leaders who in the past were voted out of power because of theirviews and policies, are shouting for a further referendum. They do notunderstand the word or its meaning of ‘democracy’   as their education has been limited on thewonders of a European State, lorded over by unelected people who are in placebecause of the gerrymandering policies of the E.U.

For a certainty they do not understandhistory and the collapse of countries dominated by a Communist Elite, a system,which the European Union is sliding into, it is a structure that is bound forfailure, as what occurred in other Marxist countries around the World.

What happened on Thursday 23rdJune 2016, when the people of the U.K. voted for Brexit, sooner or later thesame will happen in the rest of the Continent as the determination of thepeople will eventually overrule a dictatorship.  Germany has always been the driving force ofruling Europe since the mid eighteen hundreds, culminating in Two World Warswhere millions lost their lives for the sake of freedom; and now as Deutschlandlost on two occasions in those conflicts are, in my opinion, trying a differentroute and taking control by destroying economies. 

Our current strong leader in her thoughts, whoflits from one place to another lecturing on the wonders of her thoughts andcertainly does not appear to remember the quotation by Baron Acton (1834 –1902) ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ as she squandersthe nations credibility touring Europe with her hand held out with the beggingbowl, does not understand she has lost the plot and feels she is the onlyperson who is right, when she should know that is not the case as she cancelleda vote on her proposals, because she knew she would  lose.

 Itruly hope that vote will now take place and the fear of being dominated by oneSuper State will  decline and  Britain will once more teach its children thewonders and glories of its past and the truth of why World War ll happened, andwill once more become a strong democratic system for the ordinary man in thestreet. But above all being honest and fare to all people as it has done in thepast, when it taught the World ‘Democracy’.

Where’s the Leader

The party,without any discipline, I use a small ‘c’ for their name is hardly a noun, conservativewe are talking here as they all want to be boss and the boss seems more interestedin travelling around Europe and talking to anyone who will listen, and they alldo, with a beaming smile, but not agreeing, so they win as it appears our leaderblinks first.

In this timeof total news coverage of twenty four hours a day, without a doubt some of thestories will be less than truthful, but on the whole morals do not seem toexist as the game is to cling onto power at any cost.

Democracy is taking a back seat as the people with any power wander around using what appears to be sticking plaster to cover the cracks in their ramblings, and why have a vote if you know you are going to lose surely that is enough to dismiss the person who came to that decision.

When isthis group of what appears to be a rabble going to pull themselves together andremember the democratic system which the country was so proud to behold?

The X in Xmas

December Twenty Fifth

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Christmas or Xmas, it sort of rolls of the tongue and represents in most people’s mind a time for celebration and relaxing with masses of presents and for the family to be able to get together in a brief joyous reunion.

But why ‘Xmas’ one might wonder? My darling wife, ever the romantic likes to think it means more kisses under the mistletoe. ‘Mas’ as in more and ‘X’ as in a kiss. Of course, it could come from Shakespeare’s ‘Scrooge’ he didn’t like Christmas and refused to recognise it, Scrooge that is, ‘Ex’ as in gone away and again ‘Mas’ as in no more nonsense.

However, the meaning is far…far older than any of that. One theory is it goes back to ‘Pagan Times’ when people could not read or write, and ‘X’ was used so the folks could recognise the holiday.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain it has been celebrated for two thousand years in one form or another to recognise the birth of Jesus. Although reading in the scriptures it is certain he was not born in the winter months. This period in late December was already recognised as a holiday by a non-religious populace and the Church used it to convert people to Christianity by making it as the period in which he was born. 

Another meaning of the ‘X’ is in the Greek Alphabet where it is the twenty second letter and the digit is ‘chi’ pronounced ‘ex’ and hence the shortening of the word ‘Christ.’  That is just one more theory how ‘X’ arrived before the ‘mas,’ which incidentally come from ‘Mass’ as a group in prayer.

All that folks so we could gorge ourselves over a brief period once a year and spoil our offsprings with presents. It could be said it has gone too far and expensive as households strive to make each year different from the previous event. Following this doctrine, the original meaning is lost in a cloud, instead, a celebration of gluttony and greed. 

Story Telling for Christmas

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In Percy’s book collection of twenty-five there is one more in the compliment, perhaps that should read 26.  ‘Two for One’ is two of my novels, each winning a top honour at the NABE awards (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs), in one cover. ‘Politically Incorrect’ and ‘The Black Venus.’They are both thrillers set in the nineteen seventies and although they share some of the same characters they are totally different stories. The saving by buying them together is about 25%, on the cost price of the two books if bought individually.  Thirteen  pounds eighty four against nine pounds fourteen, To order click on the following link.


 The link to Percy Chattey books on Amazon

Story Telling


Unique & Very Different

 Aseries of booklets published bi-monthly containing short stories, fictionalones and true ones. Others are technical, whilst a number are of significance describinginteresting events.

 All will keep the reader fascinated especially the funny ones.

Each issue is 120 pages long and about twenty four thousand words all totallydifferent from its predecessor. Also included are chapters or examples of workfrom novels by published authors.

The publisher strives for divergence and diversity and as the leader says in each issue they are intended to put ‘A different slant on life,’ whilst keeping away from being too controversial and avoiding anything that is too contentious 

Each in the series is completely different and also includes works from the ‘HondonWriters Circle.’ The emphasis is on entertaining the reader and small enough at eight by five inches to put in your pocket for those long journeys.

As they are light hearted and informative they would also make an ideal present, for Christmas or Birthdays.  All of the Story Telling series are available from Amazon and other outlets

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