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Climate Change.


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Almost daily we read or hear about climate change and the calamities that await us if we do not do something about it.

I belong to the group of people, scientist journalist and others who think otherwise.

There was a recent picture on Social Media of ice melting in Antarctica followed by an article about the horror of sea levels rising and the flooding this would cause around the world.

However, ice in volume takes up more space than the water it froze from.

For instance, fill a glass with ice and then top it right up to the top with water…when the ice melts the contents in the glass will go down. Showing when frozen water melts it reduces in size.

Another example is a burst water pipe in very a cold winter. This is caused by the water in the pipe freezing and as it does it expands and the energy this creates breaks the pipe.
We live in a world where seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surfaces is water and a small amount of that, about ten percent, is in the cold regions where ice has formed, and it is a small portion of the area.

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As shown above, when ice melts it takes up less volume when it returns to its liquid state.

It seems to me that if all the ice melted in the North and South regions it would make little difference to the sea levels especially as water is less dense and evaporates when it is warm.



My Friend Henry

This is a story which I enjoyed writing there are many of young girls finding their first love and I thought an account of a young lad would be different and funny.

It is my tenth novel and by coincidence the 10th in the Story Telling series.

My Friend Henry. A story of love and love lost.

Dennis Walker knows very little about life and its meaning until one afternoon as a thirteen-year-old he is brutally introduced into sex games and their meaning.

Eileen, a beautiful demanding woman who uses her charming ways to attract men and dispose of them as one would a sweet wrapper, and uses Dennis for her own pleasure.

Ola, the clever Dutch student spoilt by her very wealthy parents. Deceived by her elderly husband, she sees Dennis as the one to give her what she has desired all her married life.

Dennis enjoys the company and games with them both. However, there is one other, a pair of laughing eyes at a party who he constantly dreams of. The untouchable Sally, who he becomes very close with only to lose her. Can Eileen help him to find her?

Percy’s first novel was published in the eighties, after which he concentrated on his business life. After retiring he started writing again and published ten novels, five of which won awards. He now concentrates on developing books under the banner of ‘Story Telling’ this is its tenth issue

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Well Done NHS


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It is on a daily basis that we hear, in the news media of some serious situation in the National Health Service from staff shortages to lack of facilities because of that over used word ‘cuts.’

I don’t think there has ever been a period over time when one side or the other of the political divide have not complained about cut backs in services because of lack of funding.

I am starting to think for the most part the use of the word ‘cuts’ is that the various organisations who use it are ‘crying wolf’ in their efforts to get further money, and using this explosive word to explain why services are so poor.
Over the past few days my view has changed and instead of thinking the Health Services in the UK are not up to what is required of them, I have nothing but respect for people who take on this admirable task.

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Last Thursday afternoon, two days ago, my son in law had pains in his chest and was taken to Royal United Hospital in Bath. The following day, yesterday, he had two operations on his heart to remove blockages and is told he is coming home today Saturday.

Congratulations to the RUH team in their expertise at diagnosing the problem so quickly and having the facility and the manpower to be able to operate and restore him to health.

One of the real spin off’s for all of us is that the family can relax from what could have been a protracted period of worry which as vanished almost as quickly as it started. Thank RUH.

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Story Telling Four

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Story Telling Four

Another stunning cover for ‘Story Telling Four’ which was published in May 2017, the following is the wording on the rear cover, which is a little out of date now as we have a new issue out bi-monthly each totally different and full of interesting articles.

The ‘Story Telling Series ‘ is published quarterly for light-hearted chuckles and are not intended to be anything other than the reading of verse and short stories for pleasure. The contents and the opinion shown or written are not necessarily the views of ‘Story Telling’ or its publisher and are published as articles of interest and amusement only no offense of any kind religious, race or political is intended to any group of people.

To order a copy as it is a great low-cost Stocking filler click the link below.

The Poppy

red poppy flowerAs we once more reach the time of year for the launch of the Poppy Appeal and the recognition of Armister day there are murmurings on social media for the Poppy to be white, and Piers Morgan interviewed a Mr Hill who is spearheading a campaign to change the colour.

The following are my thoughts which I wrote a year ago.

The Poppy

It is with some misgiving that I see that the noble red Poppy with its black centre, which has represented years of bravery by our Armed forces, that there are murmurings on social media and in the press that some would like to replace it. When I read that they want it to be changed to white, I thought the item was some fake news, as in reality a white one could not be a stand-in and would be further from the events the red version represents.

The colour ‘White’ or noncolour as some would say, isn’t it the symbol of surrender? The white flag used by one side giving in instead of continuing in a conflict, whether it be a pretend game or war games. The white feather for many years has been the sign of cowardice. So a similar colour Poppy is not very appropriate to represent the bravery of the men and women ‘who gave their today so we could have our tomorrow.’

How is it possible to fully understand the sheer hell of an infantryman living night and day in the mud and polluted filth on the front line, while the other side rained missiles down on them. What did these men think of as they lay in limbo waiting to fight to protect a dirty muddy plot of land? Was it their wife or girlfriend back home, wondering what she or his family were doing. How did they cope with the slaughter happening around them? They must have continually wondered when they would be able to return home and then the thought of what they would find when they got there. The Poppy represents their bravery, not the conflict, and that is why it is red.landscape photo of cemetery during daytime

What must it have been like for an airman of Bomber Command, receiving every night instructions of where they were to fly that night over enemy territory, full of gunfire and fighter aircraft, which had one thought in mind and that was to shoot you out of the sky. Imagine their thoughts as they walked out to the aircraft, climbing into it…having a quick look round thinking to themselves if they would ever see the sight again. Or perhaps they would be lucky tonight and maybe it would be tomorrow when it was their turn not to come home. Then going aboard the machine and once more the sheer discomfort of it; where the noise is deafening and the cold is so intense you go numb with it. At the same time, you have to fly the device keeping it on a course and eventually aim the bombs loaded in the belly of the aircraft and pray the other side don’t get you in their sights before you can make a change of direction to return home.

red petaled flowers fieldWe must not forget the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy who throughout the conflict of the Second World War suffered serious losses as they continued sailing to far off places to bring provisions to the home front ensuring the supplies were adequate for the war machine. How did they feel on a windy dark rainy night, bitterly cold standing on an open bridge scouring the waters looking for the sign of a ‘U’ Boat, or a torpedo streaming through the dark waters towards them? Or perhaps watching one of the merchantmen in the convoy being destroyed as it exploded and sank in seconds.

On two occasions, 1914 – 1918 and then the Second World War starting in 1939. But for the bravery of our Armed forces, it is very possible we today would be living under the yoke of the ‘SS’ and the ‘Gestapo’ of Germany’s Armed forces.

This is what the Red Poppy represents, the bravery of these men and women. It has nothing to do with glorifying the horror of war or any conflict. It represents what these thousands of Service personnel went through to protect their homeland. It is a symbol of determination and above all it is a means, and has been for the last ninety seven years, of a way for the Royal British Legion to raise money to look after during their lifetime, the injured, the needy, and their families who have been hurt, as a result of protecting us from the insurgents determined to destroy our way of life. pcbtimegentlemencover1600x2400

How things have changed

Children today are brought up in centrally heated houses … 

with warm beds and a variety of food for breakfast and other meals, and the word ‘hunger’ will not come into their lives. They will be taken to school and a parent will most probably hold their hand as they walk along the street, and if it is more than a few hundred yards then they will be taken in the family car. If it is too cold or snowing then no doubt the school will close, however, if open then it will be warm and dry. On their return home they will be looked after and comforted and their biggest worry in the evening will be completing their homework.

I would like to make it very clear that I am not saying that any of the above is wrong and we treated our children exactly the same way.

During the Second World War, it was nothing like the above, at the age of four and a half school was introduced to you. There was only one way to get there and that was to walk on your own because your parents would have started their work earlier to help in combating the enemy who wanted to destroy the English way of life. If it was raining, snowing or a storm blowing then you still went and when you arrived shivering with the cold – the accommodation would be the same with ice on both sides of the windows as there would be no heating or maybe one coal fire to heat the numerous rooms. On route, you would be scouring the skies looking for enemy planes who could do you harm always with a pit of fear in your stomach. At night for safety away from the conflict laying in a small dark wet hole in the ground with condensation running off a steel roof where sleep is impossible because of the enormous noise of bombs dropping outside and the ground shaking. That is what the novel ‘Blitz & Pieces’ describes. 

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Story Telling Thirteen

With ‘Story Telling Thirteen’ now safely on Amazon, we move forward and continue with the series and ‘Fourteen’ is starting to come together and will be as interesting and exciting as the previous group of booklets

The Story Telling series of booklets are published bi-monthly for the enjoyment of reading short stories of interest combined with unusual facts or interesting items about life. The content comes in the main from members of the Hondon Writers Circle with various skills in the art of telling a tale. Whilst the contents are interesting they do not date and therefore any in the previous twelve are as fascinating as they were when they were written.

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