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New Crime Thriller Books : Is Self Publishing the Way Forward

Well as a fledgling self publisher, I like so many authors want to get people to read my new crime thriller books and it would nice to get some monetary recompense for the long hours spent getting those chapters in a tangible form. But with millions of books for readers to choose from it’s a hard slog promoting the book. In fact many authors have said the writing of the book is the easy bit. “Labour of Love” springs to mind!

As an illustration I stumbled on a news item about author Rochelle Weinstein and her book “What We Leave Behind”. She explains the very problem a lot of self-publishing authors experience and how she is steadily breaking through to her audience using various book marketing techniques, including book clubs.

The video is both heart-warming to see a passionate author’s belief in her work and also a reality check on the uphill struggle and financial burden to get a new book noticed without the traditional “book deal” from a major publisher.

» Watch the Video here / » Rochelle’s Website


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