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Hello everyone. As you know the 2015 edition of “Blitz & Pieces” has been published and distributed by Amazon / CreateSpace. It is available in hard, soft & ebook formats. Please order your copy on-line (Amazon and others).

So, yes it is a first for me, but I am quite excited about this book trailer about the London Blitz, the subject I cover in my book. I hope you like the little video and please send your feedback. :-)

Unless you grew up during the Second World War, you could not truly imagine life as it was during this historic event. Having grown up and experienced this firsthand, Percy reveals how the world was for him and his family. Born in London, living under one roof with his family and grandparents, life was tough to begin with. This is a fascinating account of the London Blitz as seen through the eyes of a six year old.

How people lived then was enormously different: rented accommodation was the norm; employment was sporadic and short; food was rationed; education was not structured; there was no NHS. When the war finally ended, we hear of the impact on the country and what changes are put into place. Blitz & Pieces available through Amazon and Kindle.

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