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According to some news reports there is a new subject in the UK school curriculum, children will be educated in the talent of striking or withdrawing their labour, although in this instance it is a break from learning. Nevertheless, quite an exciting topic for the children, an exercise in how to officially bunk off school without their parents being fined for the effort. In some quarters, they argue that allowing the children to go on strike is a lesson in politics or in other words how to blackmail the authorities in achieving what you want. I understand the idea of this strike action has been put together by a fifteen year old to make the point about ‘climate change’.

What I find surprising, it is alleged that the Head Teachers Union is in favour of this action, which I find alarming as my thoughts are very different; schools are about teaching and how to be upright honest citizens, not rebel raisers. Normally fifteen, and even sixteen and seventeen year olds are treated as children but it would seem now the children at eight and nine are being encouraged, by strike action, to try and change the world … perhaps they will make a better job of it than the current holders of this position.

There is an anomaly here where the tutorial allegedly approves strike activity, by the ones who should be learning and in school, if the parents had organised it then it would not be lawful and they could be fined anywhere from sixty pounds a day – upwards.  Although, I do not suppose you can penalize a fifteen year old for organising it. Looking at it from another way if a parent takes a child out of school they risk a criminal record. Surely if … and I say ‘if’ the teachers Union is approving this action are they not committing the same offence?

In the mean time the people running the country continue their chasing around Europe trying to prove a point, perhaps they are saving up on Air Miles for something.

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