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The Dauntless Factor

pcbdoublebookbuynow“The Dauntless Factor “(a thriller book) is available on-line…

This exciting novel: ‘The Dauntless Factor’ by Percy W. Chattey is an easy read thriller of suspense and anticipation. It is set at a time when cars were an unusual sight. He tells the continuing story of the O’Dowd family who had emigrated from Ireland to escape the potato famine in the eighteen hundreds to discover their fortune in North East England.

It is now the start of the 1900’s and we learn of Katherine, the American girl, who comes to England to find love with all its twists and turns. There is also Sir Patrick, the Chief Executive of the Dauntless Motor Works, who with the help of his son Robert, built it up from nothing. Both are respected people in the community of Liverpool, however dark events which happened in the past, are suddenly brought to the fore.

Plus, another thriller of mine is just being re-published as “A Common’s Mistake” (formally ‘Politically Incorrect’)….

All my books are available on-line via Amazon and (soon) Smashwords… just search for “Percy Chattey Books” on Google.

Thank you for your support and if you read (or have already read) any of my books I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

The Digital Age & Smashwords


I do not know how others feel but my lovely wife Jean, and I are traditional type of people, we like mature items tested by time.

For instance one of these new modern fitted kitchens with shiny surfaces with clashing colours everywhere would make me feel ill to work in. I much prefer the old oak kitchen doors they look more natural. Or to see a traditional train chugging along a railway line blowing smoke and steam is exciting, one does not get the same thrill watching a large ugly diesel engine pulling carriages.

The cars of long ago, the E type Jaguar or the Triumph and MG sports cars looked like cars, all independently designed and built with care. Nothing like the present day versions, which are more like space craft with no thought to how they individually look as they are all similar, with no character.

Books, when you first receive one and admire the work that has gone in to it, to create it, and you are privileged to open the cover for the first time with that beautiful musty smell, the feel of the crisp paper of the pages as one glances through it – no, no never the last page.

All that is to announce we are slowly coming into the real world, well at least ‘Percy Chattey Books Publishing’ is, as it is going digital. All my work, that is eight novels is being downloaded on to ‘Smashwords’ and when that is complete we will then add all of them to ‘E Books.’

There will be no compromise with the story lines and Percy Chattey Books will still be available through Amazon, if you prefer to have a real book. As it is a lot of translating to be done, nearly a million words and of course the stunning covers, it will take some time and we are aiming for the third week in November for the transition to be complete. Happy and enjoyable reading.

Brexit. Now a different ball game

guy fawkesIn my view the decision by the Law Lords in the High Court to rule that Parliament and its members must have a say on implementing the desire of the British People (ref BREXIT), whether to leave the European Union or not, makes it an entirely different ball game.

It is no longer a matter of is it acceptably to be in or out of the EU, but it is now the case of have the British people the privilege to inform their leaders, by a majority vote on their requirements of who controls the future of the United Kingdom. No matter what one’s opinion, whether to stay in or out, is it right that a few members of the courts have the privilege to take it on themselves to override the will of the mainstream of the people. If that is so democracy died this day 3rd November 2016.

With other recent subtle changes to the law it is another step to dictatorship and over eight hundred years of the people’s civil rights have been carelessly put aside. It is possible to argue that Members of Parliament have a right to vote as they see fit. However they are there by popular agreement to respect the views of the populace and not to promote their own personal interest.

Very strange that this should happen two days before the celebrations of Guy Fawkes night on the fifth when four hundred and eleven years ago this man tried to destroy Westminster the Mother of all Parliaments.

2016 Writing in Progress!

bnr-time-bookMy new novel is coming on fine and is about twenty percent complete and when finished it will be the third in a series. It is the follow on from ‘The Dauntless Factor,’ which was the continuing story of the Cormack family who originated in ‘Death for a Starter.’ This novel was my fourth win in the Pinnacle Awards when it won as the Best Historical Fiction.

At the beginning of the summer I offered to write a story with our ten year old Lilly-Ella one of our Grand children, on the basis of writing fifty words each on an alternating basis and was very pleased when she accepted. It is a lovely little story and currently approaching three thousand words. At the moment it is my turn to write something as she has kept up her side of the arrangement.

My last novel ‘Time Gentlemen’ out now on Amazon, is receiving good reviews’ it was a difficult story to write with a host of characters but we were pleased with the result. The end I puzzled over for some time and I know I got it right, when reading it do not peek at the final pages as it will destroy the thrill of the story. All my work is displayed on my web site and are available on Amazon and Kindle.

Book: Time Gentlemen by Percy Chattey
Pages: 280
Publisher: Percy Chattey Books (1 Sept. 2016)
Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0995489033
    ISBN-13: 978-0995489035

“Time Gentlemen” : A horrific event perpetrated by a young woman wanting revenge. It’s closing time and awaiting the clientele other innocent and not so innocent pursuits. We learn of the terrorist gang plotting to destroy a well known location when it is at its busiest with patrons relaxed and enjoying themselves. It is also the story of different groups of people, unknown to each other, heading for the same shocking destiny. There are the two couples bored with their sex life and make an arrangement to exchange partners. The young couple soon to be married as they sit down to dinner with their close family and associates.

There is also the group of British Army Officers, enjoying an evening with friends. A room full of people, with soft lighting and popular dance music in recital. It is a thrilling story, and spins an exciting tale of diverse everyday people dressed in their finest, and looking forward to an exhilarating evening watching and enjoying the cabaret, eating fine cuisine. But why was the evening brought to an outrageous close before the customary shout of “Time Gentlemen.”

A stunning novel from the award winning master of thriller story telling.

Season Greetings. Happy Reading!

After a few months of changeable weather and cold winds here in Spain, at last the sun has come out to warm us with temperatures in the twenties.

Also at last to come out, is ‘Watchit Too!’ published as from today in the Amazon system and its eBook spin off Kindle. Watch It Too is a stunning story and a fitting sequel to ‘Watchit!’

My new novel, which is in its early stages of two and half thousand words, should be ready in the spring, approximately at the same time ‘Blitz & Pieces’ the true story of how a six year old survived the London Blitz during World War Two, will be published in hard back.

Pinnacle Award 2014 Best Historical Thriller “Death For A Starter”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Best Autobiography “Blitz and Pieces”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Summer Best Thriller “Politically Incorrect”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Fall Best Thriller “The Black Venus”

We at wish everyone a Happy New Year and enjoyable reading during it.

Looking forward to a new year…

As we near the end of 2013 and the busy festive holidays I’d like to thank all my readers and followers for their support, comments and reviews over the last year. It’s important to me to know I have fans and interest “out there”.

From a tentative start in the cyber world of Self-Publishing and online Promotion, 2013 has been a great year on the writing and publishing front for me. I now have 5 books completed, re-written and re-designed and all available via Amazon (in print or eBook).  My Facebook and Twitter pages are updated and gathering followers. I am getting the hang of this blogging malarky and my website is up-to-date with my books! All new territory for this writer and self-publisher! Of course the icing on the cake was being the first Thriller Author to win THREE book awards in succession via the 2013 Pinnacle Achievement Awards.

MErry Christmas from Percy Chattey Books

OK, I do get some help from my talented web designer who gives me lots of tips and assistance but it’s been a successful year on the whole on which to build my writing future. At the moment I am re-writing and word-processing two of my old books (real manuscripts) that where found in a friend’s garage which I thought I had lost forever… these were originally done on a gadget some of you may never of heard of “a typewriter”. So that will keep me busy for a few months.

Of course I sincerely hope my books can touch more people in 2014 and I want to learn how to gain ground in the Self-Publishing world which is ever more competitive and complicated… so Here’s to a Good Year Past and to a New Year Success. Whatever you do be safe, happy and have a great holiday.

Thank you again! Percy.

Two for One: Book Cover

We all like value for money especially in these challenging times. So it occurred to me that maybe a DOUBLE BOOK would offer both value and a chance for readers to get two of my #THRILLER BOOKS in one place.. just in time for your Christmas Present List eh?

These two thrillers “Politically Incorrect” and “The Black Venus” have a story link – which hopefully you will spot. So it seemed obvious to team these two books together. The book is in the final production stage and will be AVAILABLE SOON on Amazon Books and Kindle eBook.
Here is the final Book Cover. Let me know what you think?
» Search for Percy Chattey Books on Amazon

Two books in One

Death for a Starter: Book Cover Reveal

If you follow any of my online channels (this blog, Facebook, Twitter or the main website) you’ll  have gathered my latest Thriller Book “DEATH FOR A STARTER” is now with CreateSpace ready for the final online publish … any day now you’ll be able to buy it on Amazon Books or Kindle eBook. Just in time for Christmas… you could say a “Christmas Stocking Thriller” (bad pun?)

» Death for A Starter by Percy Chattey Books on Amazon

In the mean time here is a peek at the new cover – sporting the Pinnacle Book Award badge I received for “Politically Incorrect”.

New Thriller for Christmas and 2014

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