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Plastic Covers

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Why is it necessary to have to break your fingernails trying to get into a box of an ink cartridge, surely it is pure waste of resources and money  to have a box with heavy plastic surrounding it, if it was any stronger it would need an angle grinder to get into it, and whenyou do achieve that, with the box open in your hand, what do you find anotherplastic wrapper this time there is a little mark on it so you can tear it open.Ah, you are not finished yet…because just in case some object can break all throughthat wrapping there is another piece of plastic to protect another part whichhas to be removed before you can use the item inside.

Books 4 Christmas

‘Story Telling Fourteen’ is the latest in the series of short stories all of which are totally different and full of interesting articles – funny stories, poems and a host of words all thought provoking or perhaps worth a giggle or two. Watch the video at – – –

They are non controversial and are meant  for light hearted reading and make a great Christmas present at low cost long lasting and come gift wrapped if asked for. At 120 pages long and 5.25 x 8 cm they are also small enough to go in a hand bag or coat pocket.

At Percy Chattey Booksthere are ten thrilling novels to choose from and there are fifteen different books containing short stories in the ‘Story Telling Series’ all easily ordered through Amazon by following the link – – –

The Dauntless Factor

pcbdoublebookbuynow“The Dauntless Factor “(a thriller book) is available on-line…

This exciting novel: ‘The Dauntless Factor’ by Percy W. Chattey is an easy read thriller of suspense and anticipation. It is set at a time when cars were an unusual sight. He tells the continuing story of the O’Dowd family who had emigrated from Ireland to escape the potato famine in the eighteen hundreds to discover their fortune in North East England.

It is now the start of the 1900’s and we learn of Katherine, the American girl, who comes to England to find love with all its twists and turns. There is also Sir Patrick, the Chief Executive of the Dauntless Motor Works, who with the help of his son Robert, built it up from nothing. Both are respected people in the community of Liverpool, however dark events which happened in the past, are suddenly brought to the fore.

Plus, another thriller of mine is just being re-published as “A Common’s Mistake” (formally ‘Politically Incorrect’)….

All my books are available on-line via Amazon and (soon) Smashwords… just search for “Percy Chattey Books” on Google.

Thank you for your support and if you read (or have already read) any of my books I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

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