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What a Thrill! 3 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Pinnacle Books Award Winner
Winning three best awards in a row is very exciting – here I am with the certificates and the books which won.

All the above three title are available on Amazon or Kindle.  More information and SAMPLE CHAPTERS on my website “Percy Chattey Books“.

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Watchit! My new Thriller OUT NOW!!

A new thriller by Percy ChatteyMy latest thriller entitiled “Watchit” is ready for you all now and available via Amazon.

» Click here to View on Amazon

I am so excited about this new romantic thriller, a little raunchy in places (why not?) and of course a few stock car chases and my usual twists and turns…

In an age of mobile phones and electronic gadgetry, the two car family, modern kitchens with televisions and labour saving devices it is difficult to remember an age when a wrist watch was a luxury. And yet a short fifty years ago in the mid fifties, there was a high purchase tax on luxury goods and watches were in that group which of course helped profit margins on the black market. When there is a shortage, the simple law of supply and demand comes into force. Items that are in short supply soon become expensive, which of course leaves the door open for the unscrupulous to earn an easy ‘few bob’.

The well organized crime syndicates, people who take advantage of these situations to make a lot of money and of course their ladies who help them will go to any lengths to protect their interest and to stay ahead of the law. This novel starts with an operation of such an organization and will take you into the world of people with different attitudes to life. So we begin our story…

You will not be disappointed and I cannot wait for you to read it. It is on Amazon Books and soon on the Kindle Reader Apps (Android and iOS)

My ace designer is of course now putting together some promos on the website, this blog and other social media. I can show the BOOK COVER today, a bit different from my previous ones. as they say WATCH THIS SPACE!

Oops! – A Microsoft ‘Word’ in your Ear…

I have recently been told that my work on Kindle eBooks, especially ‘Politically Incorrect’, does not read as it should.

This is because of problem when it was transferred electronically from a Microsoft Word to a PDF format. I do not know how or why it happened and I apologize to anyone who has had a problem reading the text. The situation has now been resolved and each book reads as it should.

Please if any one does has a problem please write to me at explain the problem.

Thank you for your support.
Percy Chattey

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Watch It! There’s now three more women in my life!

Oh Dear. What have I done? Just lately I just cannot get Jackie, Christine and Pat out of my mind. I re-discovered these ladies recently in a friend’s garage of all places. I mustn’t say too much right now in fear of blowing my cover. Suffice to say they have been around the block a bit (usually in a fast car)  whilst juggling a few of life’s balls… husbands, children and careers, money…

Shhh! I better stop, the wife is coming through with my evening tipple. G&T with a slice ‘n’ ice of course.

More soon…

Looking forward to a new year…

As we near the end of 2013 and the busy festive holidays I’d like to thank all my readers and followers for their support, comments and reviews over the last year. It’s important to me to know I have fans and interest “out there”.

From a tentative start in the cyber world of Self-Publishing and online Promotion, 2013 has been a great year on the writing and publishing front for me. I now have 5 books completed, re-written and re-designed and all available via Amazon (in print or eBook).  My Facebook and Twitter pages are updated and gathering followers. I am getting the hang of this blogging malarky and my website is up-to-date with my books! All new territory for this writer and self-publisher! Of course the icing on the cake was being the first Thriller Author to win THREE book awards in succession via the 2013 Pinnacle Achievement Awards.

MErry Christmas from Percy Chattey Books

OK, I do get some help from my talented web designer who gives me lots of tips and assistance but it’s been a successful year on the whole on which to build my writing future. At the moment I am re-writing and word-processing two of my old books (real manuscripts) that where found in a friend’s garage which I thought I had lost forever… these were originally done on a gadget some of you may never of heard of “a typewriter”. So that will keep me busy for a few months.

Of course I sincerely hope my books can touch more people in 2014 and I want to learn how to gain ground in the Self-Publishing world which is ever more competitive and complicated… so Here’s to a Good Year Past and to a New Year Success. Whatever you do be safe, happy and have a great holiday.

Thank you again! Percy.

PR: Thriller Author Wins His Third Pinnacle Award

Award Winner in Best Thriller Book

December 7th, London: Percy W Chattey, the London-born author and self-publisher now residing in the Costa Blanca, proudly announces that he has won his third book award for his thriller “The Black Venus”. The NABE (North American Book Dealers Exchange) awarded Percy’s book a best in category: Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Thriller Fall 2013. Percy is proud to be the first ever author to win three Pinnacle awards back-to-back in the same year.

This exciting news makes Percy W Chattey the first ever Self-Publishing Author to win three awards back-to-back in the same year. His previous self-published books “Blitz and Pieces” (an autobiography) and “Politically Incorrect” (a trade-mark thriller) also won similar accolades in the Summer 2013 Pinnacle Awards.

Percy is proud and welcomes the awards. He says: “This is amazing! It’s always great to receive praise or award for your work. As much as I love to write for fun it is nice to know your creative work ticks a few boxes. To get one award was pleasing enough, but three in the same year is special and motivated me to continue writing.

Percy is already working on his sixth book, a rework of one of his early novels. All Percy’s books are  available via Amazon as paperbacks and eBooks or via his own website.

Thanks: Thriller Book “Politically Incorrect”

Politically Incorrect Book CoverThank you to Annie M for a favourable comments on my Thriller Book “Politically Incorrect“…

Couldn’t put it down, such a great story. The story is very clever and has some good twists to the plot. It was easy to read, I love that there are chapters that divide the story so that it can be followed. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

ISBN-10: 1466399651 / ISBN-13: 978-1466399655

“A great read with a stunning end.” : Declan Murphy, Northampton

This novel depicts a political assassination plot along with a romantic web of betrayal. “Politically Incorrect” by Percy Chattey follows a British businessman as he attempts to salvage his empire from a socialist regime but at the cost of his family’s happiness.

This book is a web of intrigue that begins with a jaded British businessman’s fight against a socialist government who are proposing legislation that would destroy his life style and forces him to take extreme measures to do what he believes is right.

Free Sample Chapter“Very good… what a surprising end!” : Richard de St Croix, Spain

When Colin Sheer-Wood is faced with ruin at the hands of a small political party with a tiny majority in parliament, he refuses to go down without a fight. Sheer-Wood hires assassins to kill members of parliament so the administration no longer has a majority. He fails to realize that one of the three people on his hit list is his daughter’s fiancé, begging the question – will saving his business empire tear apart his family?

My Best Thriller Award from NABE

Ahem! I’d liked to announce that I have received some great news again this very morn! The wonderful people at NABE (North American Book Dealers Exchange) have, through their Pinnacle franchise, awarded my thriller book “The Black Venus” the BEST THRILLER for FALL 2013.
The Black VenusJean commented on Amazon:Another good easy read by Percy Chattey with a thrilling end. For compulsive reading it is a perfect buy and keeps you guessing to the end.

Not that I am counting (well OK I am) that is THREE AWARDS for THREE BOOKS!
I think a celebratory brandy is in order, don’t you? or maybe two?

An award however small or large just motivates and spurs me on to write more. So please try a copy : available as a paperback or Kindle eBook vis Amazon (the LINK is in the sidebar)

They got it covered in the Roundtown News

Wartime Biography: Blitz and Pieces

My autobiography was recently featured in the Roundtown News Life section. Genre: Autobiography - Buy “Blitz and Pieces” online!

ISBN-10: 1484881788 / ISBN-13: 978-1484881781
AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Percy Chattey writes his true story about growing up in the East End of London during the horror of the Second World War.

He writes how he lived through months of nightly bombings, sleeping in cold damp shelters and how school was neglected for the war effort. The story continues with Percy’s struggle to find work as a war teen, joining the forces, starting, building & losing a successful business to finding the love of his life.
But then reality hits hard…

Alex Ferguson gives Book Reader a Refund!

Sir Alex Ferguson's AutobiographySir Alex Ferguson, long-term and now retired manager of Manchester United football club sold over 115,000 copies in the first week of his second autobiography, excitingly called “My Autobiography”. And yes it was written with a ghost writer and no doubt to coincide with the shock of his sudden retirement, that fans would lap it up anyway and the upcoming Christmas market. His first autobiography came out to coincide with the time man Utd won the coveted “treble”, three top trophies in the same year. I haven’t read this latest book but clearly many football/Man Utd fans have.

One keen and very knowledgeable fan read it and spotted numerous errors. The said fan had spotted 45 factual errors in the 402-page book. He wasn’t happy and so he wrote to the publisher, Hodder and Stoughton. They actually agreed with the fan’s complaints, apologised, explained their proof-reading procedure and actually offered a refund in return for his copy (so I suppose H&S did the refund, not Sir Alex).

Another autobiography by “My Life” by David Jason (who should be knighted for services to laughter!) was recalled en masse due to printing issues (a mixture of two books in one I think). No doubt there have been others.

It got me thinking that in general we tend to accept that books might have the odd typo and continuity problem. We may even spot a factual error if we are more knowledgeable of the subject than the author. And I guess a proof-reader will check for grammar and spelling, rather than the facts. And just maybe quite a few ‘in trend’ books get rushed to market and in the haste some quality control goes amiss.

Personally, I think a few writing errors or typos are forgiveable as humans make mistakes (yes writers and proof readers are human!). I know I have made many typing errors. For sure if you have ever written anything yourself and gone back to it later you tend to spot some of your own errors and invariable want to change it which could introduce more errors. Hopefully they get picked up in the quality control process (if there is one).

But have we ever taken a book back as “faulty goods” due to such errors? I certainly have spotted typos, incorrect facts or plot inconsistencies but didn’t think I would be able to take a book back for a refund. I clearly remember a tutorial book about 15 years ago I read that had countless grammar/spelling and bits missing, almost on every other page! Clearly this book had NEVER been checked and was rushed out. It was the early days of the Internet and I emailed the author who had a website. He never replied. It was the most shoddiest book production I have ever come across to the point I just could finish it as it was just annoying. £25 wasted!

My autobiography - Blitz and Pieces

“Blitz and Pieces”.

Power to this fan as really a book is a consumer item like any other product and if faulty then we are entitled to a refund or exchange.

» Related: “Blitz and Pieces” An autobiography by Percy Chattey (warts, errors and all!)
Winner in the Pinnacle Award for Best Autobiography 2013

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